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Product Offerings

Front-line sales training

Better prepare sales employees to understand, manage and de-escalate angry customers. The training not only helps employees feel more confident and prepared in difficult customer situations, but it also helps employees understand the cause for the customer’s frustration and build empathy to provide better service.

Preparing and delivering the sales pitch

how to deliver the pitch. VR can help in learning the fundamentals of both long and short-form pitches, with an opportunity to practice the delivery in a VR meeting room.

Training for handling difficult objections

Salespeople usually encounter objections and difficult customers, whether for the price, fit of the product, or competition. Using VR simulators, trainees can learn how to deal with these objections and negotiate to get the best deal for their business.

Soft Skills training

By making the sales team practice soft skills live in VR simulated environment

Non-verbal Signs Tracking and feedback

Checking the non-verbal skills of the employees while communicating with virtual clients and providing feedback.

How we make it all possible?

VR/AR consulting

We provide all-stage consulting services from deciding on the right type of immersive solution based on specific manufacturing needs to precisely defining the project range and assisting customers with technical specs.

Custom content

Based on your footage and videos, our 3d video teams create unparalleled virtual environments that let new employees learn about your teams and reflect your core principles.

Fullstack AR/VR development

With decades of VR development experience at hand, our engineers craft virtual onboarding journeys reducing friction and cutting costs compared to traditional programs.

Hardware management

We provide you with professional advice on VR gear selection & purchase to make sure you get the right equipment that meets your goals and budget.

How will this help you?

Creating familiarity

  • Familiarity with the types of individuals your team is most likely to interact, within the course of their work;

Empathy for clients

  • By having staff act as customers you can build empathy for clients

Learning conflict resolution

  • By interacting with unhappy customers that are simulated.

Enhanced skills

  • Sales personnel can improve by having valuable insights from a simulated environment regarding their behaviour and speech.

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