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Product Offerings

Safety training

Training for a highly hazardous job has rather steep requirements as to the safety of the trainees. Learners can engage their entire body, building situational awareness and visual object recognition skills that are critical in a manufacturing environment.

Inspection and maintenance

Often, for any routine or emergency inspection, companies need to invite experts of the plant that produced the equipment.

Such inspection visits usually involve high costs and careful planning and scheduling. With virtual reality, the factory does not need to bring the inspector to the machine. Instead, it can bring the machine to the inspector, and in no time, too.

Hazard identification

Learners engage their entire body, building situational awareness and visual object recognition skills that are critical in a manufacturing environment.

Design and engineering

The new product prototype can be prepared, inspected, tested, tried, and then evaluated as good for production or needs some revision.

Since the prototype exists only in virtual reality, it is less expensive to produce and easier to modify if the inspection finds any flaws.


Planning the space for assembly lines or production workshops considering equipment dimensions, connections between different units, safety distances, power outlets, supply line inputs, and many more.

By recreating the actual areas in VR and visualizing the equipment placement, the manufacturers can verify that everything is placed and connected correctly.

By using virtual reality in manufacturing, companies can optimize their floor area before they start physically moving the equipment.

Live Digital Instructions

Provide teams with real-time immersive instructions and hints where and when they need them with mobile and web AR apps based on your technical drawings, procedural standards, checklists, and sharable in real-time with your coaches and experts.

Inventory Management

Bring operational efficiencies to warehouses. Enable workers to navigate easily to correct aisles and shelves using “AR-enabled Vision Picking”. The specific package can also be highlighted for quick and smooth pickup, reducing the total inventory pick-up time by more than 70%

How we make it all possible?

VR/AR consulting

We provide all-stage consulting services from deciding on the right type of immersive solution based on specific manufacturing needs to precisely defining the project range and assisting customers with technical specs.

Custom content

Based on your footage and videos, our 3d video teams create unparalleled virtual environments that let new employees learn about your teams and reflect your core principles.

Fullstack AR/VR development

With decades of VR development experience at hand, our engineers craft virtual onboarding journeys reducing friction and cutting costs compared to traditional programs.

Hardware management

We provide you with professional advice on VR gear selection & purchase to make sure you get the right equipment that meets your goals and budget.

Product Offerings

Increased efficiency

  • Gives employees hands-on learning, to boost their skills needed to interact with machinery efficiently.
  • Learners can assume their position, engage their bodies, and learn the skills needed to be productive on the line.
  • Learners get immediate feedback on their training decisions, which reinforces the learning and increases long-term retention.

Improved worker safety

  • helps associates learn the right skills to do their jobs while boosting situational awareness and knowledge of safety protocol.
  • helps workers build their knowledge of and comfort with the plant and its rules
  • helps them practice awareness and apply the knowledge in a safe virtual environment to reduce incidents.

Valuable cost and time savings

  • VR gives a realistic experience while using the simulated devices in the virtual environment which
  • helps in reducing the use of real machines for training.
  • With VR training, there is less use of real industrial assets which eventually lowers the long-term cost of training.

Enhanced precision and product quality

  • VR lets engineers analyze computer models carefully from every angle.
  • Realistic physics can show areas of friction, impact, or stress, making it easier to identify potential problems.
  • enables manufacturers to pinpoint and address potential problem areas in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing thus delivering enhanced product quality.

Training and instruction

  • Showing workers what to do with their own eyes is more effective than trying to describe a process to them. If trainees make a mistake, you don’t have to worry about the wasted product or injured workers.

Product promotion and sales

  • Architects and design specialists may use this technology to show clients what finished spaces will look like. Manufacturers can do the same with automobiles, store packaging and complicated 3D components.

Remote project collaboration

  • Your production experts no longer need to work in the same physical space to get the job done. Using VR, teams across the country can collaborate on product design, adding details and troubleshooting problems together.

Factory layout planning

  • Before settling on a layout for new manufacturing equipment, check out how the assembly line works in a digital environment. That way you can view potential space issues, cross-contamination or other factors that can increase or decrease productivity.

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