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A study conducted by Boeing showed that AR improved productivity in wiring harness assembly

Product Offerings

VR for Modernizing Tactical Military Training

VR can enhance the soldiers’ cognitive abilities and put virtual training in line with on-field practice. With highly detailed and customized simulations, VR

offers an array of immersive scenarios for military training – from real-time missions, rehearsals to live shooting exercises.

Synthetic Training Environment

  • Using VR, boot camp experience can be enhanced to include caves, motion trackers, vests, and weapons to provide better training to the soldiers. In extreme environments like deep forests, snow-capped mountains, and deserts, navigation and teamwork are crucial.
  • Using multi-sensory experiences, VR lets soldiers get trained in such harsh environments.

Vehicle and Flight Simulations

For vehicle and flight simulations can assist soldiers to get trained in handling fighter planes, submarines, and ground vehicles without getting into actual vehicles and avoiding the chances of accidents and injuries.

Medical Training

  • Medical personnel can be trained to operate in a warzone-like environment characterized by constant fighting, high caseload, and extreme pressure. This lets medical personnel get trained and strategize their skills under actual stressful conditions.
  • Virtual training lets medical forces advance their organizational design protocols and maintain their medical and surgical skills. 
  • Using AR applications allows receiving advice from remotely located medical professionals and performing geographically scattered operations.
    • Hospital triage training
    • Hospital set-up training
    • AR protocols for trauma patients
    • The mass casualty training exercise
    • On-site medical aid

PTSD Recovering Therapy

Besides the usual psychological treatment, there is another way of dealing with PTSD. Using virtual reality, you can recreate the situations that influenced the soldier’s mental state in great detail.

But, in this case, it is harmless and can help them overcome their fears and anxieties by experiencing those battle scenes once more in virtual reality.

Simulation for Explosive Deactivation and Defusal

  • Realistic digital replication of the complex situations 
  • Enable to practice quick decision making and neutralizing explosive substances of various types and configurations

Pushback & Towing Simulator

  • To effectively train and evaluate pushback operators on push & towing operations at the airside and hangars.
  • Accommodates both tow bar and tow-bar-less equipment and replicates the actual controls & vehicle dynamics of equipment.
  • Helps in skilling the operators on handling both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft operations under realistic airside conditions.
  • Helps in training the operators on safe and efficient operations while reducing hazards, incidences while mitigating and managing risks at the airport.

Cargo Loader Simulator

  • To effectively train and evaluate operators on safe loading operations.
  • The simulator is compatible with a variety of cargo loader models and replicates the actual dynamics and operations of the equipment.
  • Helps in training the operators on both main deck and lower deck techniques on a variety of aircraft types in a highly realistic airside environment under complete safety.

Clinical Testing System

  • Help drivers and operators actively work on their skills to maintain good performance for long periods. 
  • The module effectively determines skills that drivers and operators need to work on.

GSE Operator Training Services

  • Aims to create efficiency and increase on-time performance on the airside. 
  • Ensure all ground operations are running smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Operator training solution ensures schedules are maintained, operations are undertaken with utmost safety, and training costs are kept low.

How we make it all possible?

VR/AR consulting

We provide all-stage consulting services from deciding on the right type of immersive solution based on specific manufacturing needs to precisely defining the project range and assisting customers with technical specs.

Custom content

Based on your footage and videos, our 3d video teams create unparalleled virtual environments that let new employees learn about your teams and reflect your core principles.

Fullstack AR/VR development

With decades of VR development experience at hand, our engineers craft virtual onboarding journeys reducing friction and cutting costs compared to traditional programs.

Hardware management

We provide you with professional advice on VR gear selection & purchase to make sure you get the right equipment that meets your goals and budget.

How will this help you?

Training is less costly.

Using VR and AR for training purposes reduces the expenditures related to the transportation of soldiers to specialized grounds and facilities, the maintenance of those facilities, fueling, ammunition, and other expenditures.

Higher efficiency.

Just by setting up one facility or a platform, soldiers can participate in training more often. This results in more progress being made within a much shorter period. Also, this way of “information feeding” is more effective for the younger generation.

More possibilities.

Virtual reality, combined with augmented reality, can help soldiers learn more about vehicle types and environments without any time restrictions. They can examine any vessel or weapon in detail in virtual reality without being able to get a physical object. They can also train from anywhere because all the information can be downloaded from the cloud service.

No risks.

Shooting, driving a tank or throwing a grenade – even for training purposes – always involves danger. Virtual reality can eliminate any accidents related to those activities.

The range of simulations and flexibility.

You can put a soldier into an armoured tank, a loud helicopter or send him to an Arctic mission. Configurable environments give a lot of room for a variety of scenarios and their combinations.

Operational and situational awareness

Get instant updates on the current situation, formation allocation, and more with augmented reality solutions based on the actual digital mapping data or live footage gathered by drones.

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