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Product Offerings

Front-line employee training

Better prepare call center employees to understand, manage and de-escalate angry customers. The training not only helps employees feel more confident and prepared in difficult customer situations, but it also helps employees understand the cause for the customer’s frustration and build empathy to provide better service.

Empathy training

Incorporates both first-person practice and third-person perspective. Helps the trainee to consider what the customer’s day might have been like and what the customer wanted from their interaction.

Call center behavioral training

Helps in developing communication skills such as active listening, handling difficult customers over phone calls, and call etiquette

Product and client service training

Practice and master competencies such as how to demonstrate customer orientation, de-escalate conflict, listen attentively, and ensure repeat business.

Private Practice

Learners experience intensive rounds of targeted and highly personalized sessions.

Virtual Group Workshop

Dynamic team-based approach, in which each learner interacts with avatars while others observe.

In-Person Group Workshop

A style of a group workshop, ideal for large cohorts and peer-to-peer learning.

How we make it all possible?

VR/AR consulting

We provide all-stage consulting services from deciding on the right type of immersive solution based on specific manufacturing needs to precisely defining the project range and assisting customers with technical specs.

Custom content

Based on your footage and videos, our 3d video teams create unparalleled virtual environments that let new employees learn about your teams and reflect your core principles.

Fullstack AR/VR development

With decades of VR development experience at hand, our engineers craft virtual onboarding journeys reducing friction and cutting costs compared to traditional programs.

Hardware management

We provide you with professional advice on VR gear selection & purchase to make sure you get the right equipment that meets your goals and budget.

How will this help you?

Built for Behavioral Change

Leverages VR’s unique ability to generate a social presence, and enables trainees to feel present with another real thinking, feeling person. Allows them to have interactions and emotional responses similar to those they would experience in real difficult conversations.

Experiential Training

It immerses the learner in a customized virtual environment, harnessing the science of “presence” and “plausibility” for a holistic experience that drives true behavioral change.

Authentic Practice

Tailored experiences are built to reflect relevant, real-world situations in leadership. A human-in-the-loop approach brings the practice to life with a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence and lives human interaction.

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