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    1. As stated above, by accessing and/or using the Website, you consent to YourInformation being collected, stored.and used in the manner laid out in this PrivacyPolicy. The collecting and retaining agency in respect of Your Information is SDM.

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    4. You may withdraw your consent for the subsequent use of your personal data bySDM, by sending an email to the. following entity with the subject-line “PrivacyPolicy: Withdrawal of Consent”: [Please fill in email address here], clearly stating the. following information: (i) identification details, if any; (ii) scope of withdrawal of consent. SDM. reserves the right to seek. further details from you in order to ascertain the exact nature of the withdrawal of consent. Withdrawal of consent shall not be treated as effective unless the communication is made in the manner described above. Withdrawal of consent may result in SDM being unable to provide further services to you.

  2. SDM may collect information and data (hereinafter referred to as “Your Information”).SDM shall store and use Your. Information collected in accordance with Clause 4 of thePrivacy Policy for the following purposes:

    1. Providing relevant, useful and appropriate information/ data/ materials to you;

    2. Monitoring, improving and troubleshooting the information/ data/ materials and contents of the Website provided to you or other services provided by SDM;

    3. Processing information and documents, including financial or other sensitive personal information as may be provided by you, to enable text indexing, data and linkage finding, extraction of valuable insights and structuring of data;

    4. Storing of information, documents and data provided by you in order to train algorithms to better process information and provide relevant insights;

    5. Operation, provision or improvement of the Website for all acts incidental or ancillary to the provision of the. Website and for developing and providing new technologies and services

    6. SDM does not store or otherwise retain Your Information for longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes set out above. SDM may also use cookies to collect and use YourInformation in certain cases. This is described in detail in our Cookie Policy below.


    1. To optimize our web presence, we use cookies. This allows us to improve your access to the Website and also helps us to. learn more about your interests and provide you with essential features and services including:

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    SDM complies with reasonable security practices and procedures as required by theInformation Technology (Reasonable. Security Practices and Procedures and SensitivePersonal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 by following industry standards such as International Standard IS/ISO/IEC 27001. However, since complete security cannot been sured by any. entity, please note that SDM does not guarantee the security of your information. In the event that SDM becomes aware of any. breach of security such that it affects Your Information, SDM shall notify you using commercially reasonable efforts, such as. through a notice on the Website. However, as detailed in Clause 5of this Privacy Policy, you should look at this Privacy Policy. regularly to check for such changes. SDM claims no responsibility for the security of any third-party links, websites or resources that you may access through or in connection with the Website.


    1. SDM does not disclose or transfer Your Information to any other third parties without your consent, unless such disclosure.or transfer is:

      1. Required in order to comply with any applicable law or court order or direction; or

      2. Requested by any appropriate Governmental agency as per applicable law Preachily for the purpose of, inter alia, verification of identity, prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of any offences or incidents.


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    We retain the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, for instance when we update the functionality of the.Website or when there are regulatory changes. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to generally notify all users of any.material changes to thisPrivacy Policy, such as through a notice on the Website. However, as a user of the Website, you.should look at this Privacy Policy regularly to check for such changes. We will also update the “Last Updated” date at the top. of this Privacy Policy, which reflects the effective date of this Privacy Policy. Your continued access or use of the Website. after. the date of the new Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of the new Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the new Privacy Policy, you must stop accessing and/or using the Website. You hereby acknowledge that any collection, storage, processing or other use of Your Information shall be governed by the Privacy Policy as applicable at the time of such. collection, storage, processing or other use.

  8. GRIEVANCE OFFICER Pursuant to Rule 5(9) of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices andProcedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, SDM has designated the following person as the Grievance Officer: