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Why should I use this?

The ultimate solution to manage your Fashion Wardrobe

Get more than your size from a picture

Real-time creation of custom body measurements and Personalized 3D Avatar from only one photo

Personalized Size Recommendation

Extracted measurements are compared with the existing size charts, to filter out the best possible fitting attire for you

3D Catalogue and Mannequin Visualization

Bring Fashion to Life and get the Apparel Detailing by our 360-degree Discovery Solution

Personalized AR Avatar Try-On

Shopaholic can select and try on different apparels on their personalized avatar, for an immersive experience

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How this awesome thing works?

Why stop at just selling by size? Scan, Mix and Match

Our patented technology is able to measure fully dressed people with the highest accuracy in seconds. We create 3D versions of your brand's clothes and fit them onto the consumer, instantly displaying a photorealistic try-on image. Additionally, the shopper’s body data is matched with product data to generate personalized size recommendations


Input your Name, Height and Gender

Upload your full-size photo in form-fitting clothes

Real-time body measurements with personalized size recommendations for various brands

Avatar Try-on for an Immersive Shopping Experience

Personalized Avatar Generation in Augmented Reality

Mannequin Visualization for 360 Degree View

We ace the comparison

WoW Fashion Other products
Body Size Estimation Body Size Estimation is done based on one photo only Body Size Estimation is done, based on two or more than two photos / Enormous number of inputs like Waist size, Bust Size, Weight etc
Mannequin Visualisation We have built a custom library of the 3D catalogue using our proprietary AI technology enabling us to develop 10x more fresh 3D catalogues than the existing players Development of 3D catalogue is still a manual work
Try-On We have the Patented Personalized Avatar Try-On Technology powered by Augmented Reality, for an immersive shopping experience There are lot of startups working in 2D Self Try-On and 2D Personalized Avatar Try- On

Grab this amazing technology and see the rise in your AOV and Sales

Either you can offer your customers the complete capabilities or the individual capabilities of the product


Fashion that Puts You Ahead

Enhance engagement


Lowers return rate


Increases conversion


Reduce Logistics Cost


Who can benefit?

Fashion Brands

Multi-brand Retailers

Offline Stores

Online Stores

All you need is a photo to get the personalized shopping experience

Get your customers' queries answered: Does it fit me? Does it look good on me?