What is in the Box for Metaverse, in 2022?


The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years with a variety of innovations released in the market. 


Two of these names, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), have continued to grow in popularity over the past five years or more.


Recently, there have been a few trends in the Metaverse market that have begun to affect both AR and VR. While a few may have started a long time ago, they have just started to make a huge impact on these technologies.


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  • Upgraded With AI
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) with WoWExp

AR and VR developers have started to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to their many applications. This can be highlighted with basic functions such as the Instagram filter function.


One such company operating in this domain is WoWExp Technologies. Their AR engineers developed AI algorithms to provide Augmented Reality features such as enhanced interaction with the physical environment. This has resulted in what is known as computer vision, which allows devices to see and understand everything at a distance from the camera.


This should also be seen in a variety of other industries, such as video games, with game players facing increasingly intelligent AI-driven competitors.


  • Impact On Training & Teaching

    Metaverse training

Both of these technologies have the obvious benefits of teaching and training, and this is useful in all schools and professional development courses. For example, people who study Solar Panel Installation and any other dangerous or complex environments can be trained in VR without any of the risks involved.


WoWExp Technologies also provides the Renewable Energy Virtual Training Platform for Corporates and Institutions (REVTCI). Through the use of VR, emerging professionals in these industries receive training in a simulated environment that provides a significant level of accuracy while avoiding the risks associated with the error.

  • Non-Fungible Token (NFTs)

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are unique or limited in quantity. They represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the crypto market and have introduced a completely new category of nationally decentralized applications (DApps).


Digital assets in the VR world can be managed by NFTs, and regulated through smart contracts. For example, asset ownership in the world of VR or games can be embedded in NFT.


  • Avatars

    Avatars in metaverse

The avatar is a visual image of the user and is driven by the user's movement in the virtual world. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market will be driven by the increasing demand for virtual VR / AR avatars where users can interact with the physical world through the visual avatar from a first-person perspective.


Customization options include visual features such as face shape and body type; clothing, apparel, accessories, gestures; material things; and movement styles such as walking or running speed.


  • Virtual Try-On Solutions

    virtual try-on

The intuitive implementation of virtual try-on solutions enhances the purchasing experience and customer support with real-time 3D experience, simulation, and visibility for individual customers. Virtual Try-On solutions support the customer in making quick decisions to reduce time and cost for producers and vendors.


WoWExp Technologies offers a collaborative visual experiment for a short-term visual product solution that supports the pre-selection of customer information. This leads to a slowdown in product return rates and the unpredictability of future product purchases online.


Wrapping it up.

As for what the future holds, the vision currently presented by major metaverse platform providers full of cartoon avatars is misleading. Yes, the visible world of social media will be very popular, but it will not be the way in which social media transforms society.


The difference between the real and the virtual will be blurred in the future by portable devices, 5G, blockchain technology, and extended reality technology.


The true metaverse - the one that becomes the center of our lives - will be a developed world. And by 2030 it will be everywhere.


And the main thing..

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