What can you do in the metaverse? 


In 1991 the first-ever website was created, it was nothing but just a page with some programming text and hyperlinks on it. In the next couple of years, a video went live but that was on another website, then we witnessed the era of YouTubers. The youtube thing grew big in the last decade and reached all over the world. We started with web1.0 in 1991, living in web2.0, and shortly gonna jump into web3.0 will change the entire industry and economy of the metaverse. 

If you get a text “hey, let’s meet in the metaverse” from your boss or friend in the next 5 years, it won’t be surprising. That is what web 3.0 will bring to our life. 


Metaverse before being into existence is actually there in the world, with every discussion, the future it holds, the improvements in lives it would bring, and the scopes of employment it would come with.


The word, “metaverse'' was first introduced to the world in the snow crash novel, a sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson in 1992. He wrote it in terms of a parallel universe existing adjacent to the dystopian real world. It was the definition of how one step of the internet would be. Looks like we can witness how the metaverse is going to be in the coming time, soon. And the metaverse will be having various such platforms, technically making it a multiverse.


When the internet first came into existence, it blew our minds. We simply meant that the new upgrade of technology is meant to be better, more accessible, and easy to carry forward from the previous one. The hopes are very high from traversing too, in order to make and feel things as they are claiming to do so. People are greedy, especially in terms of technology. The recent pandemic made us greedy for human interaction, the importance of going out and having a normal schedule, and busy life. 


While we explore the possibilities of metaverse with you, this blog introduces you to the possibilities, how you can profit from them. The web1.0 we discussed was just a page, no interaction, but the web2.0 we’re living in today is largely community-based user-generated content. But still, the maximum you can buy or own on the internet today is a domain name like wowexp.ai, no one else can make a website with the same name. That leads us to the next generation web3.0, where you can own parts of the internet, all this is possible because of blockchain and NFTs. 


But, is the metaverse worth it? Will we be able to do things we are assuming of?

Let's get all these doubts cleared, of what you can actually do in metaverse:


Create, explore and play in the virtual world:


The e-sports world and the people in it are already enjoying the metaverse games like Minecraft, and Roblox is one the most prompt examples of providing just metaverse-like features. The era has been there since 2003, with games like second life and even online. 


As the name suggests, the second life had cool metaverse-like features due to the sandbox world and creator-led company. You must have heard about the sandbox, gaining popularity in the crypto games. These games let you have your own world. You can build your own world from scratch, paint, harvest anything you want, pay in the game’s currency, and attend any worldwide virtual event you want to. 


The popularity of all these platforms is only increasing with passing time. Sandbox, Decentraland are some of the most liked crypto games in 2020. This will not just make people aware of the powerful technology but will also contribute to boosting up the video game economy by making people own digital assets, and rewarding them with those assets as well. In fact, you can claim those pieces of land with NFTs, in those games, and even use fungible governance tokens to change the locations of the area of the estate you would own in the virtual world. 


Invest in virtual real estate, NFTs


Yes, we are sure you would think I am not really ready or interested in parting with the real world yet, but you can jump into the virtual world anytime. You can invest in NFTs, or create one of your own and sell them. The saying “people say NFTs are a scam, but post their original creation on Instagram in exchange for a digital heart” is quite contrary. Instead, an NFT of your creation can make you millions of dollars. 


Investing in virtual lands in the early days can be the smartest move one can make before the metaverse becomes mainstream. The price of virtual plots on Decentraland and the sandbox have hiked so much that the buyer of $10,000 land can make $500 million from reselling the same land. Investing in the tokens offered by games that are in-game currency can bring you huge profits in no time. The MVI manages its portfolio as the largest metaverse coins of the day. If someone says Facebook is creating the metaverse, it’s technically false as they don’t own the internet, VR, or the blockchain. Anyone can create their own platform on the internet, once the blockchain becomes mainstream the internet will be owned by individuals.


Socialize, work, and play from anywhere:


Metaverse is all about creating and encouraging your own creativity. You can hang out in multiple spaces in the metaverse. Though, Sandbox and Decentraland are going to be the most mainstream ones to hang out and enjoy your world. But the opportunity to create your own world still fascinates most of us. You can do it with Spatial. They are originally meant to have meetings, conferences, and various events like concerts. 


The process of being in it is quite simple, just like you login into the web2, with google. You'll be given Metamask in web3 login. And thus you can enjoy either the pre-built rooms or free yourself by creating one of your own. The motive is to support NFTs, with platforms like Spatial. You don't need anything, but just a VR headset to enter your own cyberspace and wander wherever, whenever you want to. Meta is currently working on providing better experiences to its users. It will create games where every other person will be wearing VR headsets, dressing in their avatar, and having their time of life with people from across the globe.


Metahub, is a company that is constantly working on building spaces specifically for business events, conferences, and letting artists have concerts even during the pandemic. 


With all these companies, the future surely looks a lot better and more powerful with technology. 


So how is this related to you? You are happy in this real world you’ll say. But that’s what people said before the internet started, if you ignore this as a dystopian thing, you'll be left behind when reality, both virtually and naturally hits you. You need to see the opportunity, and scope this internet has for you and start getting educated.


If you’ve no idea about this virtual world, the good news is we’re in the beginning. You have a lot more to learn, grow, and can enjoy profits in the coming years. This all is just a waste for the uneducated but the one who knows its worth, this is the first step being the owner in the digital world.


It's a new era of the internet and its usage. However, to make it more reliable, WoWExp being India's first metaverse company is making each day count to make sure the future of metaverse is accessible to all of you.


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