Who could deny the reality that the metaverse is conquering the web? The metaverse creates fresh possibilities for contact and cooperation every day. The goal of metaverse conferences is to bring together all global players in technology and digital media. These events are a terrific way to stay current on technology and trends.

Here is a list of the top events in the metaverse in 2022:

Augmented World Expo USA

If you want to learn more about augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and extended reality  (XR), you must join this metaverse conference. You know what you'll be bringing home when outstanding presenters like John Riccitiello, Christopher Lafayette, and Pearly Chen are present at the event!

Consensus 2022 by Coindesk

The one metaverse event, "Consensus 2022 by Coindesk," would present all facets of blockchain, cryptocurrency, Web3, and the metaverse. This event took place from June 9 to June 12.

Metaverse Global Congress

The Metaverse Global Congress took place in San Jose, California, on June 28 and 29. You would get the chance to learn about new possibilities for virtual meeting places, augmented reality and virtual reality learning, digital commodities, virtual stores, and much more through this metaverse conference. How incredible is that?


Another event, MET AMS, will feature keynote addresses, discussions, presentations, workshops, interactive experiences, and installations from over a hundred thought leaders, artists, and corporations influencing this field. It is easy to imagine how educational the session would be. Mark your calendars for July 14–17. The location is Amsterdam's Westergasterrein and Gashouder.

Siggraph 2022

In August, there will be a fascinating conference called Siggraph 2022 where participants may learn about investing in the still-developing metaverse industry and gain knowledge on teamwork and productivity. The conference is scheduled to take place in Canada's Vancouver. It's important to note that this metaverse conference will also be accessible offline.

Metaverse Expo

How about getting to understand everything about the metaverse, from its fundamentals to how it will profoundly alter how people interact with one another in the years to come? You may expect just this from this metaverse conference. This event runs from July 15 to July 17 in Seoul, South Korea.

XR Fair

In the upcoming years, the extended reality is going to be crucial in the development of the metaverse. Being a component of the XR Fair makes perfect sense in light of this. You will have the chance to network with other disruptive market rivals while also learning more about the technology that could fuel the metaverse.

European Blockchain Convention 2022

An interactive conference with over a hundred speakers from various professions, seminars, fireside chats, and more than 1,000 attendees is the European Blockchain Convention 2022. You should absolutely attend the event, which will be held in Barcelona in June and is well worth the trip.

Augmented Enterprise Summit

One of the longest-running conferences on the business applications of XR and other cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, sensors, and wearables will take place in the month of October 2022. Industry professionals would talk about remote work, 3D content creation for immersive apps, advertising, and sales.

Immerse Global Summit

Another cutting-edge conference, Immerse Global Summit, will bring together businesses to investigate VR and AR. The participants would learn about various growth tactics, digital marketing, Web3, AI, and edge computing overall.


WowMeet - India’s First Metaverse

WowMeet is a metaverse setting created by WowExp which is the first metaverse platform in India. WoWMeet is a groundbreaking platform for comprehensive team collaboration that brings groups of people together to learn, share, organise, and create.

We revolutionise teamwork by utilising the most advanced 3D graphics, virtual reality, and cloud computing technologies. You can experience a real-life environment in your own city. You can go shopping or attend events that are located in your city.

Doesn’t it sound fun? Trust me it’s much more than that. Check out WowMeet now!!!


Effects of the Metaverse on Conferences and Events

Informal team communications are moving online at the same time that almost all business communications do so through Google Meets, Zoom, and other alternatives. However, most of your coworkers would definitely think it was terrible if you held a business party on Zoom, mainly because Zoom weariness is real.

This is the main justification for why more and more businesses are using metaverses as a virtual party location for their internal events. Due to the fact that Facebook/Meta is no more the only choice, the term "metaverses" is now used.

The metaverse, as opposed to Zoom or Skype, provides limitless room for imagination and creation.

For instance, there are restrictions on the number of people and displays during video chats on Zoom. There is no hard cap on how many individuals can participate in the online event in a metaverse.

Any size event, from intimate team-building exercises to major business anniversaries, can be held in the metaverse. It tries to eliminate the isolation of home-based employment. In a manner that Zoom or Skype meetings never could, this can aid in enhancing employee engagement and business culture.

The metaverse provides countless opportunities to engage guests and establish rapport at virtual events because of gamification components. Additionally, the metaverse provides essentially limitless room for originality and self-expression. It's a distinctive fusion of socialising and technology.



Metaverse allows users to socialise, conduct business, and form friendships using their "avatars." Think of it as the virtual reality equivalent of the current internet.

Titans in technology and games, including Microsoft, Roblox, Epic Games, and Meta (Facebook), are developing their own virtual universe.

While still young, the Metaverse is seeing an increase in event organisation. Industries-spanning brands are delving deeper to discover their potential in the world of AR, VR, and AI. 1000 people were polled, and 48% stated they would engage in the Metaverse for the artwork and live entertainment, while 44% would do so for bitcoin and NFTs.