Top Augmented Reality Companies in UK:

Augmented reality technology being the present and the future to almost every sector of business has become the need of the hour. If your business still doesn't promote itself with the help of these high-tech technologies, then we must say you're missing the sweetest part of the cake!

Any business touches the sky of success if its customers are happy with its services. A business which helps their consumer to have an exceptional online presence is the one which flourishes. 

Nowadays, where the new normal is doing everything but by sitting at home, augmented reality is used by businesses to enhance the user experience for better results.

In the list of top Augmented reality companies of the UK, We also kept in mind the facts of how leaders of the particular companies work to thrive the best from their company. how clearly they share the vision with the company. A clear vision drives the company to work creatively even without the supervision of the leader. 


To make your search hunt for the top augmented reality companies in the UK, we are here. From description, to feedback and reviews, we have got everything sorted:

  • WoWExp Technologies:

WoWExp technologies is emerging as the most reliable augmented reality company in Uk. With their visionary founders and hardworking employees, they have helped numerous startups to grow.


Currently, they cover sectors like Retail & E-Commerce, real estate, events, and marketing. Excellent leadership and obedient teamwork are the warp of the fabric called organization. They are the essentialities of any sector. WoWExp understands this key element of success and reliability of any business and hence balances the two for fruitful results.

The complexity of Authority and responsibility were taken by their leaders and co-workers, transforming their client’s innovative idea into reality! Indeed, there isn't any surprise, why WoWExp stands as one of the best-augmented reality companies in the UK.

  • iTechArt Group


Being in the game from 2002. iTechArt Group is one of the most promising software development companies in the UK. their experienced technicians provide the best tech products for their customers to use and love.

In the knowledge-driven world, the iTechART group influences and motivates startups and top companies, to have an influential online presence of their brand. By providing the utmost augmented, virtual reality services to the big tech companies as well as to the startups, they have broadened their expansion all over the UK today.

  • Waracle:


If you are looking for a single place where you can get all software, full-stack development services hassle-free and at premium quality. Waracle is the answer to all your queries. 

Waracle's vision underscores the traditional medium of any organization and thrives the talented of young professionals in their team. 

Waracle mostly deals with Game development, along with augmented as well as virtual reality. The team prioritizes every single client, and understands the importance of making your business one of a kind! Their hardworking, 7leader-driven team works to take the gaming process to the next level.

  • Cubix


Features like development, business intelligence analytics, customization, integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, and what not are provided by Cubix!


CUBIX, achieves a position in the list of the top augmented reality companies in Uk, because they share a vision among each other, while the same effort is being driven by the co-members with passion.

Cubix is one of the top Augmented Reality Companies in the UK. with their fantastic service and perfect execution, clients have always kept them as their priority. As all the hustle is about who provides the best services.

  • Solvd inc. 


Solvd inc. Is a software developing company focused mainly on software, web development? Understanding that every sector in the business demands specific needs is what makes Solvd inc what it is today! Solvd inc is one of the leading AR VR Companies In the UK. Their main focus is to build a mobile app for different sectors to ease their work.

In the span of these years, they have helped many flourishing startups, tech companies, and along with it sectors like Health, media, education. 

  • Appetite creative solutions:


By having in-depth knowledge of the specific technologies they use, like 3d modeling, animation, they promise their clients to change their innovation into fascinating experiences. The expertise of Appetite Creative Solutions, with their in-depth knowledge of strategic usage of technologies, can definitely grow your business immensely. 

Appetite creative solutions using high tech features of augmented, virtual reality to develop business-specific apps, which helps businesses of different niches to grow.

  • Mobcoder


Providing the utmost excellent services in innovation and mobile application development, with the use of evolving augmented, virtual reality, and AI, Mobcoder is one of the top augmented reality companies in the UK.


For any augmented reality in the UK, to be successful needs effective mentorship and transparent communication among team members. In the stages of developing any application. Be it, staging, designing, testing, developing, project managing, everything is done with excellence. They provide value to the clients, with the trending technology, with the balancing of change bringing missions and motivated developers.



Promatic technologies claim to have mastered the art of providing the best digital presence with the help of evolving augmented, virtual reality. They are targeted in developing as well as designing web, mobile applications that thrive the ease for any business.

They provide services with android/Ios app developments, understand the targeted audience demands to create highly interactive mobile applications. Their clients have said they are the most reliable ones in the business. Even a naive person in the business can change their business’s life into something wonderful.

  • The NineHertz:


Ninehertz, with its services like web, software development, and web designing, are in the race since 2008. From the following years, they have upskilled their technologies according to the demands of the users. 

The NineHert realizes that new tech technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence need to be continuously nurtured in the minds of the working members, to have the most efficient as well as effective results. The various teams are assigned with multiple people skilled in their particular field. With a team of around 50 skilled and professional employees, a project manager, with software developers and Q/A experts, the goal of providing the hassle-free services to the consumers has been achieved.

  • Codiant software technologies pvt. ltd. :


Being one of the major companies of YASH technologies, Codiant focuses on the need and the aspects of the next generation of business. They are primarily engaged in UI/UX development.

Their main focus is to make the strategy of having a hurdle-free experience for their consumer. The technical support team is available around the corner to be there if any problem occurs. Excellent skills need extraordinary companies, who would nourish and let grow the skills outwardly. Well, codiant software technologies let their skilled workers provide the software, web development to the enterprise with the help of augmenting, virtual reality.



If you go with any of the companies mentioned above, your business is no doubt in safe hands. But from our point of view, and after going through various features, feedback from all of them. We concluded that WowExp with its diverse skills as well as talented professionals who work towards a common goal serves the best to their clients.

After going through the tremendous feedback of WowExp, we realized they have a sense of being better every single time. With their immense knowledge about the new reality i.e augmented reality, they deliver marvelous results which include concerted efforts of the whole team.

Wowexp technologies include really great indefatigable problem-solvers, and incorrigible optimists, to give a new face to the brands which collaborate with them for a better goal.