Top 5 Augmented Reality Companies in the USA


It will not be a false statement today, if someone states that augmented reality is the future, it isn't long back when pokemon go was introduced to mobiles and look in just a few years Augmented Reality has spread its leg in every possible sector and the revenue and results, it is providing to the companies and the consumers respectively are huge. It is going to be the future.

 Augmented Reality is a technology that adds immersive objects to the existing world, you can superimpose digital components(sounds, images, text) to your surroundings through the camera of your device, and can get introduced to a new world where virtual objects are amazingly coupled with the real world. You can just switch to your camera and enhance your experience by adding objects to the real world.

 It can help you in various ways, one of the very basic examples is if you are planning to buy some commodity for your home, just see through your camera and bring the best that fits in. Now, while finding appropriate and work-friendly augmented reality companies in the USA  there can be a lot of confusion as more industries are investing and using AR based apps for tracking, identifying, manufacturing etc in their business there are thousands of AR/VR companies coming into the market on a large scale. Hence, it is important to reach or hire developers that offer solutions as per your requirements to ensure a digital transformation.

To provide you ease in finding a good company for you, here is a list of Top AR VR Companies USA:- 


1. WowExp Technologies

The headquarters of the company is in Bengaluru, India.

WoWExp technologies is emerging as the most reliable augmented reality company in the US. With their visionary founders and hardworking employees, they have helped numerous startups to grow.

Currently, they cover sectors like Retail & E-Commerce, real estate, events, and marketing. Excellent leadership and obedient teamwork are the warp of the fabric called organization. They are the essentialities of any sector. WoWExp understands this key element of success and reliability of any business and hence balances the two for fruitful results.

The complexity of Authority and responsibility were taken by their leaders and co-workers, transforming their client’s innovative idea into reality! Indeed, there isn't any surprise, why WoWExp stands as one of the best-augmented reality companies in the US.


 2. 4experince: VR/AR and Games Development

The headquarters of the company is in Parkridge, United States.

The competency of 4experience is in Augmented Reality, virtual reality and Games Development. So if you are looking for an AR/VR based game developing company, this is the best fit for you. They provide software development service and full-stack solution for all the existing devices and at the highest quality. A company becomes the best or can even lose its status of an excellent company, by the performance of the team. In 4Experience they have a team of experienced, passionate and self-driven software engineers and experts, who work for the requirements of your company and provide you with custom-tailored solutions. They have helped and are still helping many businesses with the help;p of technology and software development to gain a competitive advantage. 

This company provides you with a tested and ready product for use, and your relationship does not end here with the company, you can also get in touch with them for any advice, consultation and they also fix if you have any problem with an already created game. 

They work on their rule of 3 C’s i.e. challenge, commitment, communication. They value what they commit to you as a partner and keep a check that they are providing you with the best and it stands on the qualifications of your expectations.


3.The Intellify Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | AR Filters:-

Their headquarters are in the USA and India.

They work with a motto that their customer’s success is their priority!

Intellify provides feature-rich and business-specific apps that are designed with the help of top-level technologies of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AR Filters, and 3D Modeling & Animation. 

It is serving businesses in all sectors and industry, they help the businesses by transforming their solutions and boost the image of the company by providing them with the best as required. 

They are on the scene since 2018 and in only two years the experts with an in-depth knowledge of the industry are nurturing the development of the apps. And within 2 years they have achieved a lot with their excellency in work and good customer services. Whether you are well-settled businesses or a newbie in the industry. They can help you grow your graph of success.

Intellify has been awarded as Top AR-VR development companies by Good firms. Their taglines We Are the New-Gen Making Everything Possible! Defines all about their passion to work.


4. HQSoftware:- AR, VR, and custom software development

 Their headquarters are in the United States, Estonia.

HQSoftware is a trustworthy international AR, VR and custom software developer that was founded in 2001 and since then they have Digitally Transformed many businesses and have helped them to reach their goals. They are specialized in various technologies like IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, web and mobile application development, AI, AR and VR solutions, and offer you a passionate team including experienced engineers who help you to evolve. They ensure their service does not limit to just maintenance and enhancement but they also provide consultation.

The company serves in many sectors such as financial, education and learning, manufacture, healthcare, and various other industries.

According to the last update they have successfully provided excellent service to more than 300 clients globally, that includes big names such as UNO, HTC, BBC, SEGA and many more. And about 450 total projects to date.

Some points which make to stand out in this crowd are:-

  • Provide solutions for your project with the latest tools, and technology.
  • Provide services with the flexible hour that makes it a global option without any geographical region barrier.
  • Ensures privacy to your work, your data is kept secured and they also provide you with the IP rights. 


5. Gravity Jack — Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android & iPhone

The headquarters of this company is in the USA and India.

Gravity Jack's work defines its excellence in the AR/VR sector and how professionally they work with their customers. It has also received many awards in this field and is one of the best-Augmented Reality app builders, which is on the scene of Augmented Reality and VR since 2009. It is one of the finest Augmented Reality Companies In the USA. This company has helped a lot of businesses by making a good interaction among people and, by simplifying the process of manufacturing companies, with the help of their readymade solution Poindexter which allows the creator to build an ar based app for objects of any colour, texture and of any size.

Expertise: AR development & Custom app development.



The growth shown by the business which is somehow using AR in their products and services is eye-catching and the future investment and approaching companies demanding to include AR in their respective field are surely gonna increase. The global AR market was evaluated around USD 17.67 billion in 2020 and, the studies show that in a decade only will experience a whole new world with the AR technology in every sector.