Top 7 Companies Putting Money in The Metaverse

Daily user growth in the Metaverse is driving up demand for lightning-fast connection speeds. People will search for the best, fastest-performing WiFi networks and gadgets as demand increases. To increase your exposure to this sector of investment in the Metaverse, consider Starlink. NVIDIA can be an additional choice for investors thanks to its well-known GPU technology.

Here are the top 7 companies which invested in the metaverse:

#1. Meta

After allocating funds to hire 10,000 new "Metamates" to construct its virtual reality, Meta (formerly Facebook) has great plans for the Metaverse it will create in the future.

The switch to virtual reality required a $50 million initial investment, and it may take up to 15 years before the rewards start to show.

To expand their virtual world capabilities, the technology giant has also funded up to $10 billion in VR technology acquisition and wants to do the same with AR technology; after purchasing Oculus, they really cranked up their Metaverse aspirations.

‍#2. Google

When Google unveiled their wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses in 2014, they were ahead of the curve. They were designed to help the average person go about their daily lives.

The time has come for them to reconsider the proposal after it was practically laughed out of the room by the rest of the globe. Not to add that the Google Glass raised several privacy issues because it included a built-in camera that could capture video, setting a risky precedent for security and privacy.

They have talked about the potential for mapping the Metaverse and integrating current services like YouTube into virtual environments under CEO Sundar Puchai. Additionally, Google contributed a sizeable $39.5 million to a fund that finances projects related to the Metaverse.

Is it possible that Google Glass will return in 2022? They're really cool, let's face it, but there are some significant privacy-related considerations that need to be addressed.


#3. Microsoft

Microsoft, a company that has been at the forefront of technical innovation since its creation, is unquestionably one of the most fascinating businesses to be looking to invest in the Metaverse.

The tech behemoth recently completed a deal to acquire Activision Blizzard, positioning itself presumably to expand its play-to-earn capabilities and eventually join the Metaverse ecosystem.

Microsoft is also developing its Holoportation technology, which enables interactive and immersive experiences to be embedded within mixed reality applications.

Instead of generating an avatar, this essentially enables users to teleport into virtual reality while appearing as a photorealistic version of themselves.



As the top GPU developer in the world, NVIDIA creates the technology used in laptops, video game consoles, PCs, laptops, and even bitcoin mining equipment.

As you might expect, the firm is well-positioned for the Metaverse boom that will occur over the next years; as more tools, technologies, and innovations are developed, there will be an increase in the need for more advanced GPUs, and NVIDIA will have to be at the vanguard of that.

NVIDIA is now working on the Omniverse tool, a system for 3D simulations and design that helps developers create their apps. They also intend to offer software that will enable you to design lifelike avatars for the Metaverse.



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#6. Shopify

The new AR/3D shopping functionality from Shopify allows company owners to develop 3D AR representations of their products. In order to offer the service for $49 a month, the company has teamed with the UK-based AR platform Poplar Studio.

Additionally, Shopify has launched a beta version of their own NFT marketplace where you may buy and trade NFTs after signing up. However, according to documents that have been leaked, Meta is considering adopting the same plans for its own platform.


#7. Nike

After acquiring the 2020-founded digital sneaker design company RTFKT, Nike started to expand into the Metaverse. Nike leaped at the chance to join the Metaverse hype train since the studio essentially creates virtual sneakers.

Nike also has a digital store called Nikeland in the Roblox Metaverse, which has drawn more than 7 million visitors from more than 200 nations. They are now selling virtual Nike footwear for over $100,000, and they plan to provide actual goods soon.



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