Putting your NFT in a frame is a great way to impress your guests and showcase your collection. However, with so many digital frames available, how can you choose the best one to show your NFTs?

There are some incredible digital frame models available. Companies have put a lot of effort into creating the ideal displays for their NFT artwork.

In this post, you will find the best NFT frames available on the market.


1. Tokenframe

Tokenframe is one brand that recognises the value of NFT art and builds its frames with authenticity in mind. Simply join in using your web3 wallet, link your frame to WiFi, and toss your NFTs to see them displayed. It really is that easy.

Tokenframe now offers four different colour options for its frames: birch, solid white, mahogany, and solid black. Real wood was used to make the frames, and they have 2K and 4K choices with vibrant, anti-glare screens built especially for digital art.


2. BlockframeNFT

BlockframeNFT displays bring your favourite NFT collection into your home, workplace, or gallery with true and valid proof of ownership via your web3 wallet. Cast your individually owned NFTs from the Ethereum or Tezos blockchain to your own chic digital frame by connecting your web3 wallet.

This NFT display company began operations in the spring of 2021 and is still expanding as the NFT market expands. Even though there is only one product on the market right now, there are many more in the planning phases, and Blockframe intends to offer more display sizes and styles in the following months.

The 21.5-inch frames provide a roomy display area for your NFT and are available in just one colour, making them simple to display anywhere. Additionally, you may use the Tokencast software, which is included within the frame, to alter the NFT's size and display preference (vertically or horizontally).

Finally, their prices are reasonable and they consistently receive positive customer feedback.


3. Qonos

The company Qonos sincerely appreciates the worth of NFT art. There is a long backlog for Qonos because it is still in its infancy, but users adore the interface and display. There are many new businesses in the NFT frame market, but few are as well-known as Qonos. You can see how much ingenuity they put into the product by taking the time to go over their offerings.

A high-resolution screen, built-in graphics processing, and motion/proximity sensors are included with each NFT display frame from Qonos. It also includes a frame finished in wood and a flush-mount style.

The fact that Qonos has a user-friendly interface is one of its best features. Because so much time has been spent making the Qonos frames simple to use, working with them is a breeze. Although the simplicity of use might not seem important, NFT collectors will appreciate how simple it is to take a newly acquired NFT and have it go straight to their frame.


4. Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects does a task that other NFT display firms haven't done: they move prints and ownership. A single piece of art is uploaded to your frame before it is shipped to your house, and these NFT displays are immutable and only show that one piece.

Additionally, Infinite Objects offers a variety of NFT display possibilities. They provide several possibilities for showcasing NFT works by both artists and collectors. I'll go over each of these alternatives with you now.


5. Canvia

Canvia is a reputable business with a long history of producing high-quality frames for your NFT collection. Each of their frames has software that can be used to change the display's brightness and lighting. In this way, you may produce vibrant art at any time of day or night without having to change the settings.

Several web3 wallets have integrations with Canvia frames that make it possible to use NFT pictures and videos. Your unique NFT art collection can be safely and conveniently displayed in a magnificent frame that is available in four various designs: black, white, cherry, and wood.



You have a lot of options on how to display your NFT. Although excellent solutions, Web3 wallets like Metamask and Rainbow are restricted to the screen of your phone or tablet. You might want to think about getting your own NFT display frame if you want to showcase your collection and let others appreciate it as well.