Top 5 Metaverse Games in 2022

The computer industry's latest gold rush is metaverse gaming, with game designers announcing and adding metaverse principles into their already-existing game systems. These can occur in conjunction with the integration of NFTs and blockchain into the games' ecology, which can spark a surge in the popularity of virtual asset trading markets and play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay formats based on cryptocurrencies.

Due to the phenomenal success of NFT titles like Axie Infinity, the record-breaking performance of Fortnite tournaments, and the unmatched interest in games like Minecraft or The Sandbox, metaverse games attracted the attention of gamers, marketers, and celebrities alike. For this reason, we've produced a list of the best metaverse games, including both the most well-liked titles and those that are just starting to gain traction.

But first, let's take a quick look at how the metaverse gives gamers access to a dynamic, interactive, and enlarged world before we get into our opinionated list of the greatest metaverse games available right now.


Metaverse in Gaming Sector

The term "metaverse" describes technology that gives users the chance to interact with interconnected virtual worlds. Its name, derived from the Greek words meta, which means beyond, and the universe, is essentially an extension of the physical world.

To enter and engage with each other in these 3D "worlds," where they portray themselves as characters, actual people use online applications and games. These online communities' actions mirror those in the real world. Items can be created, bought, sold, invested in, and given as rewards to other players.

As users move through an ecosystem of rival products, the Metaverse effortlessly combines gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social networking. For instance, a player who purchases a piece of digital art from one game created by one firm may use that same item in a separate game created by a different company.

There are no pauses, game overs, or restarts in the metaverse, in contrast to more prevalent digital games nowadays. Furthermore, seamless experiences, featuring 360-degree views of the online realm, are made possible by quick internet connections and potent virtual reality headsets. Gloves and coats with haptic technology provide a tactile sense.

The metaverse is the latest advancement in computing, which started with mainframes and progressed to personal and mobile computers, according to certain industry titans and investors.


5 Best Metaverse Games

Here are the top 5 metaverse games you can try out:

  1. My Neighbor Alice

You can purchase and maintain virtual islands that Alice looks after or even agricultural plots in the multiplayer construction game My Neighbor Alice. Similar to Farmville, you can select the crops to cultivate, the livestock to breed, and how you want to connect with other players. You can also run a bee farm or apiary and afterward sell the honey as another source of income. On the Alice marketplace and other blockchains, My Neighbor Alice NFTs include houses, clothes, plants, animals, décor, and more that can be traded.


  1. Krystopia

Krystopia is an action game where you play as Captain Nova Dune, a space explorer who travels to planet Krystopia after detecting a mysterious distress call from there. Fans of puzzles and mazes will appreciate this game. Its residents would come upon Nova and her extraterrestrial companion Skrii, and they would engage in trials like those in an escape room.

About 15 million transactions take place on the WAX games platform every day, accounting for at least 75% of all NFT transactions involving games (more than Ethereum).


4. Alien Worlds

Released in 2020, Alien Worlds assigns you the role of a space explorer who must mine Trilium, the in-game coin, from six planets. Your "vote rights" are determined by the amount of TLM you stake on a planet, and each world has its own appointed government.

You start out with a shovel, but it's ideal to buy your own land or hire a landowner to begin mining if you want more TLM and more potent mining equipment. You can also gain tokens by engaging in mining tasks and combating other explorers.


4. Farmers World

You can purchase property in Farmers World, which will be published in 2021, mine gold, cultivate crops, raise livestock, catch fish, and create homes for your animals. The marketplace at AtomicHub sells tools.

Milk and eggs are among the products that are produced on your virtual property and are NFTs. You can trade or sell the harvest to other players.

You'll need to defend your farmland from other intruders (red and white tribes) as well as many other gamers who might try to take your resources or defend your farm from jungle creatures.


5. Prospectors

The Prospectors is a multi-player economic plan game that transports you to the Wild West of the nineteenth century, according to its designers. The objective of the game is to gather gold that you can then exchange for Prospectors Gold, the video game's virtual currency.

You start the game with three workers that you can use to work for yourself or for other people. To begin with, your employees can help you create a mine and begin mining. Free land is available for mining, however, it must be rented out in order to put up buildings. The land will be blocked for unpaid rent, and anything on it will be sold at auction.



Although proponents of the metaverse are working to make it more widely accessible, there are still many obstacles to overcome until this goal is realised. The internet is governed by rules and laws in addition to calling for greater bandwidth in more places. Additionally, it is unclear whether the infrastructure that power websites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon will be integrated. Fans can enjoy the most of the metaverse through videogames in the interim.