Top 5 Brands Joining The Metaverse

The term "metaverse" is the newest buzzword in the worldwide tech industry. Businesses creating Metaverse are concentrating on creating new technologies and features to allow people to engage with each other in the digital world successfully and efficiently. Future immersive experiences will revolutionise the digital world, and metaverse firms are at the forefront of this. To contribute to and engage in Metaverse Technology, let's learn more about the top 5 brands joining the metaverse.

1. Nike

Nike introduced NIKELAND in November 2021, a virtual world where visitors may participate in mini-games and live a sport- and play-centered lifestyle. Roblox, a metaverse website known for offering its users immersive experiences, is where Nikeland is located. By extending its market into the digital sphere, the company may increase consumer engagement with its goods and services.

NIKELAND is situated in the corporate office of the company. There is a tonne of games available online that can get you moving in real-time. The game's outfit collection allows you to create your avatar and dress it up in NIKE apparel, which you can then share for other players to see in the dealership.

NFT footwear and avatar accessories manufacturer RTFKT was acquired by sportswear company NIKE in December 2021. With this purchase, Nike is preparing for innovative projects and expanding its legacy throughout the metaverse.

2. Wendy’s

The fast-food franchise Wendy's has consistently followed the newest fashions among its younger, more impressionable clientele. A specialised Animal Crossing avatar, Nintendo Wii Mii, and most recently a character who beats up freezers in Fortnite have all been created for the organization's red-headed mascot. Cross-platform video game Fortnite has become famous all over the world for holding concerts and showcasing artists like Ariana Grande.

In order to promote their dedication to using "fresh, never frozen meat" in their menu, Wendy's used the release of a new Food Fight play mode in Fortnite to create a character that is out to destroy frozen beef. Wendy's received over 250,000 live views while streaming their gaming on Twitch. The brilliant strategy helped Wendy's gain numerous influencer awards and raise brand recognition throughout the metaverse.

3. Samsung

Samsung, a major player in technology, doesn't seem to avoid the metaverse. Samsung opened its first store in the metaverse in Decentraland in January 2022. The retail location at 837 Washington Street in New York City served as inspiration for the Samsung 837x. Over 120,000 people have visited Samsung's digital store since it opened.

Samsung 837x used to be a place where customers could go to peruse collections or complete quests. In order to create a more engaging experience, Samsung updated 837x today. Players may now create their own adventures, engage with other in-game avatars, and complete quests.

4. Hyundai

Hyundai is a leader in the Roblox metaverse for the digital automotive experience. Hyundai engaged the tech-savvy populace in its marketing for the business's most recent environmental initiatives and collaborated with Roblox for the Hyundai Mobility Experience. The video game showcases an intense interaction between the actors and the most recent technologies from Hyundai.

On September 1st, 2021, the Hyundai Mobility Experience was formally introduced. You will learn about the delights of driving and the brand's support for environmentally friendly transportation in this metaverse community.

5. Coca-Cola

Opening a business in the metaverse might be challenging, especially for companies that built their reputations on selling consumable commodities. Coca-Cola, a beverage company, is bridging the metaverse with its past. Coca-Cola and OpenSea launched an NFT collection as part of their commitment to fostering human connections via the power of Coke.

The branded NFT assets can be utilised for avatars to display around the universe. The winning bidder would also receive an actual Coca-Cola refrigerator that was filled with Coca-Cola. The collection was purchased at a bid of more than US$575,000.


There are numerous marketing and advertising opportunities in the metaverse. The industry is now more receptive to experimenting with various initiatives, which companies can exploit for a successful breakthrough in the digital sphere, even though it is still in its early stages and engineers are still being refined for fully-integrated virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Brands from diverse industries are now able to cater to specific audiences and provide individualised customer interactions thanks to the blurring of the barriers between the digital and physical worlds. Launching video games and online storefronts by businesses makes marketing to the younger demographic more natural.

To explore metaverse marketing, however, companies might need to make time and financial investments in cutting-edge technology. Businesses would not only have their hands full with developing new marketing techniques, but they would also need to negotiate with rivals for access to the newest technologies, should the metaverse continue to advance.

Although the metaverse is still relatively new and unstable, corporations view this as an opportunity to usher in a new era of marketing. A marketing strategy built on the digital world's intersections of gaming, leisure, culture, and the arts has a promising future.