With society becomes more technology-driven AI applications are dominating every decision of our life, from communication to entertainment. Every business small or big is trying to incorporate AI-driven applications for the smooth operation of their business. So, to help you build the best technologically advanced app, here’s a list of some of the virtual reality development companies in India.

WowExp technologies

Founded by Augmented Reality E-commerce Pioneer and bestseller author about machine learning Mr. Navin Mansawi, WowExp technologies is committed to delivering a Wow experience for their customers and their customers! The company is focused on creating world-class products for retail and e-commerce businesses using Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. Wowexp provides services to retail and e-commerce with products like Wow Foods, Wow Closet, Wow Décor, Wow Jewellery; real estate market with Wow real-estate and Wow town planning; and Event and marketing with Wow Virtual summit and Wow entertainment. This company is a one-stop solution for any and every kind of business owner, with their intensive research and avant-garde technology it is one of the go-to companies for any AI-related need for your business.


Quytech provides custom app development services for Android, iOS, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality. This company is dedicated to working with start-ups and Enterprises, helping them in fine-tuning the latest mobile strategies. Their team provides unique solutions starting from conceptualization to deployment support. The list of services provided by Quytech is pretty illustrious consisting of Strategic Mobile Consulting, Mobile Application Porting, Technology Outsourcing, UI/UX Design, Startup App Development, Custom CRM Development, and Offshore Development Centre.


Yudiz is the perfect digital development and technology outsourcing organisation to fulfill your needs. From ideation to delivery, this company has continuously delivered a distinctive advantage in the production of stable, forward-looking, and qualitative solutions. In the agile, collective approach, they have delivered tailored, domain-specific IT solutions that have effectively addressed various market concerns.

Xicom technologies

Xicom technologies is a leading organisation dedicated to digital technology and development solutions in India and the US. From idea generation to deployment, this company has continuously delivered a distinguishing advantage in the production of stable, forward-looking, and qualitative solutions. In the agile, collective approach, they have delivered tailored, domain-specific IT solutions that have effectively addressed various market concerns. With the moto Inspire Next, the company provides AI solutions to Automotive, healthcare, real estate, finance, education, travel and tourism, media and entertainment, and the logistics and transportation industry among many other industries.

Awakeen studios

Awakeen comprises a team of talented designers and developers. They make smartphone applications & games based on AR-VR-MR. The vision of this organisation is to develop applications to provide customers with the best AR/VR/MR experience and to continue building with their expertise in the course of doing so. With their main focus on AR, VR, MR, and Game Production, this young and innovative company should be on your radar if you are looking for a unique design and technological solution for your business.

Jash Entertainment

Jash Entertainment is an organisation that is passionate about making high-tech games, software, and other applications that are completely human. The team has years of experience creating a wide range of great games and applications that gamers want to enjoy, as well as technology that can support companies, businesses, and more. The company aims to integrate the latest technologies into what the client has to offer.

ZCO Corporation

Zco Corporation has distinguished itself as one of the best AR/VR production firms in India and the United States. They provide their customers with continuously creative AR and VR initiatives with new and technologically accessible applications. They have a house art team that tends to create outstanding virtual reality games for their customers.


If you're trying to create a next-generation virtual reality game production facility, then Fluper is your company. The agency is here to provide its client with an appropriate solution. With a diverse team of AR and VR experts and game creators, the company provides augmented reality experiences that no other organisation can deliver. Known to be among the leading Augmented reality/ Virtual reality company in India and across the globe, Fluper is a highly dedicated environment firm.

Webclues Global

Webclues is known as one of the leading AR development organization in India and abroad that have been implementing IT services in various countries for the last 5+ years. It tends to offer professional assistance such as App Development, Website Development, E-Commerce advancement, and UI/UX Design. With over 5+ years of expertise in application and website development services, WebClues Global has become a one-stop resolution provider enabling small to large enterprises to achieve their business purposes. With offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Development Center in India, WebClues Global allows enough, Cost-effective and qualitative answers


iLeaf Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a global player in consulting, designing, and developing web and mobile solutions for businesses, departments, and individuals. Established at Infopark in Cochin, iLeaf Solutions is a name that has made its mark in the IT industry, the world over. It has persistently positioned itself as a leading developer of mobile applications since its inception in 2007. Besides specialization in various Mobile app technologies, we have a robust inventory of web development as well. The company provide both technological and creative solution for their clients and is committed to developing outstanding mobile and web applications in various domains.

Concluding thoughts.

Every growing and established organisation need AR/VR system for operation, deployment of their services, and smooth functioning, and as an organisation grows these needs also grows. And these capable companies are willing to go the extra mile of growing alongside your company, so if you are a business