Conference means a no. of attendees gathering together to discuss a particular topic or an agenda in a workplace. If it is happening on a daily, weekly basis, we can easily classify it as an informal one. But if organizers have organized the meeting with a special guest and the meeting is occurring outside of the main office. It'll be considered as the formal conference meeting.

This is how normally conferences used to take place. But today, as the norms are changing due to the pandemic, the whole world took a rollover and it all started in a digital world, everybody is ready to accept the new normal. From working from home to now attending conferences from home, we all have come a long way. And with the demand, conference apps were floating in the market within no time. Now, managing a lot of attendees worldwide smoothly and efficiently wasn't a piece of cake. And that's where virtual conferences played the most vital role. 


A virtual conference demands a lot. Everything needs to be ready beforehand to run the conference smoothly. To make the virtual conference interesting and engaging, the two most important aspects are live and on-demand content. The virtual conference planner must be ready with every next slide the specialist or the organizer would need. They should also have an adequate collection of the data, as the specialist can anytime quote something from a research paper.

To sum up the virtual conference in the simplest words,” conference held online, is known as virtual conference, which allows people worldwide to attend it”. 

Virtual conference: NEED OF THE HOUR!

Before 2020, i.e pre covid, conferences used to take place both nationally as well as internationally wide. We could have attended conference sessions, via going out especially to a particular place. Special hall used to get booked for special guests and whatnot.

But now, post covid, with the increasing rise in the cases, having conferences in the grand hall with fellow attendees from all over the world is next to impossible. No matter how insightful they could be. 

But, does that mean it's the end of seeing out immense knowledge from specialists? Now, to have these types of conferences, we have many platforms, like BIG MAER, goto webinar, WOWEXP.

With them, one can host the virtual conference for single or multiple days with n no. of people. 

A virtual conference has wide ranges. It can be specifically for few people, or to multiple, as per the requirements.

A virtual conference includes interactive workshops, Q&A sessions, live streaming, audience chats, polls so that everybody can participate and learn. In this era, virtual conferences are the need of the hour, and the Best Virtual Conference Platform is required to meet the requirements. Sooner or later, it is going to be the future because of the convenience it provides. 


Virtual conferences, if planned appropriately, can change the working means of any organization. It can accelerate the working efficiency of the employee. Almost every renowned organization is using this technology to keep their employees motivated in such tough times.

Be it weekly planning on the project, or the doubt clearing sessions, virtual conferences can create such enthusiasm in the employee as well as the leader that cannot be done with normal conferences. 

As we have realized with time, it's not easy to handle tons of people efficiently in the Virtual Summit Platform, and therefore some key features are necessary for any  virtual conference to be hosted successfully:

  • Smooth live session: 

It tends to be very likely that most of the virtual conferences are broadcast live. Live broadcasting is one of the most important aspects of a virtual conference.

If you are running your virtual conference, meeting, or event live, it must be smooth and engaging. A virtual conference should be a two-way conversation, where both the host as well as the attendees can talk about a certain agenda. For this, the 3d virtual conference platform must also include a Q & A session.

  • Customization:

If you want to run a successful virtual conference, your virtual conference platform must provide you all the resources to use your customized brand in various aspects. The aspects may vary from providing the website at the events, to the virtual exhibits.

The motive is to make your organization or brand stand out. Your virtual conference provider must customize your conference accordingly. 

  • Easy, interactive engagement:

Networking plays an important role, in the recognition of any brand or organization. One of the main reasons why people join conferences or events is to network with people across the nation. To promote themselves 

The idea of branding the image is also followed in the virtual event too, to know what other people are up to and learn from them. That is why these virtual events or conferences need to be interactive for the attendees also. 

WowExp and Dreamcast virtual events are the platforms that allow attendees to interact with each other easily.

  • Providing various virtual spaces:

For hosting a virtual conference as smoothly as possible, the virtual conference provider must provide different virtual spaces like meeting rooms, lobby, etc.

Each of these spaces should be allocated for different uses. By this, it will be easy for the host and also for the manager of the virtual event to conduct the event smoothly.

  • Event management:

The idea of running a smooth event from traditional times only is to have a separate team fully dedicated to event management. 

An ideal virtual event conference should be easy to manage for both, the host as well as to the attendees. The virtual conference platform must be ready with solutions. As it would not be great if either of them is struggling whether to host or to join the event. 

  • Broadcasting pre-recorded sessions:

One of the most lovable advantages of virtual conference events is that the host can conduct it with pre-recorded sessions. 

In times like covid19, it's hard to host every session live. Of course, if the specialist is from another part of the world, pre-recorded sessions will dismiss the barrier of different time zones.

Thus, virtual events/ conferences must be able to broadcast the pre-recorded session, as per the requirement of the attendees.

  • Customer support:

Any host or attendee would tend to attend the event or conference only if they'll have a seamless experience. Providing customer support must be the utmost priority of any virtual conference platform provider as well as the one conducting it.

An ideal virtual conference provider must be there to manage or fix any problem that occurred during the live session. There shouldn't be any communication gap between the host and the customer support manager.


 Various Virtual Event Platforms are emerging in India. For e.g Spot me, V fairs, WoWexp, accelerants, Microsoft streams, teams.

Most of them provide various facilities. But what makes Wowexp stand out from the rest of them is their extremely engaging sessions, wonderful customer support, and of course how visually the virtual conferences look real.

It comes with 2 way live sessions, and also includes features like whit board to provide the host best of our services. Wowexp will let you observe what a great virtual conference is like. As they include all the customized facilities for their clients. 

From the location to the host, they create digital avatars of everything, to not let the realistic feels of the conference vanish.

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