How will Metaverse change the way we shop?


Why would anyone buy things online, if we can go shop for them? It was the most upfront question on e-commerce when it came into existence years ago. But you see the present today, right?


You want something, you can have it within 2-3 business days, or even within 24 hours. A distant dream for the millennials changed into reality. Nobody in their weirdest dream would have thought about meeting or getting connected with their friends on a place called the internet, which doesn't even exist physically. The internet has changed the world, the means of living in so many ways one could have ever thought of. One of them is online shopping.  


Web 3.0 will change the way we shop, AR, VR were already coming as a solution for unhappy customers from the 3d experience of online shopping. People got the option from various brands to try on the clothes virtually on their avatars. But you know, you taste success once, you get the habit of it. It's never enough, and you would always want more. In the metaverse, it is going to be the next big thing after the introduction of the internet that can make you buy things, not only in real life but also in the virtual world. Sounds fascinating with tons of doubts. 

Let's learn more about it, how you can purchase in the virtual world? How the future is dependent on it? And why is it going to be a necessity in the future? 


Merging offline and digital e-commerce:


Time is money! You must have heard this saying a thousand times by everyone, and you understood the value of it while growing up also. In a world, where spending your time on someone or anything is always expected to do something good to you, we want things to be fast, faster than ever.

Want something? order it! Saves time.

You hire people to help you with living to utilize that time of yours in something better. The same is with buying something. Why would you go to buy something when you can have it home delivered to your doorstep?


People say for the quality check. But in the metaverse, you will be able to do all it seamlessly. Anything you would want and had to schedule a day for, can now be done within a few minutes scrolling through your mobile phone. Digital e-commerce makes your shopping experience easy, speedy, and convenient. 


Many of the big brands have already started inculcating the virtual shopping experience to their customers, we don't know where and how this will happen, but making society prepare for it, is the least we can do. 


Let's see how Amazon is doing it:


  • The metaverse technology is to uplift your shopping experience. With its latest AR shopping tool, you can see how the furniture will fit and look in your designed space. You can do the room decor virtually to not regret it afterward and even save the different samples for a clearer picture for future purchasing everything from your wishlist. 


  • It's a win-win for both retailers as well as for the consumer. One doesn't have to take up the burden of moving in and moving out, and the latter one can easily make the decisions. 

The e-commerce industry will be revolutionized more than ever. It's just the beginning. If a shopper would want to experience what it is like to shop over the sky, just design the store as per your customer’s preference. 


Future of digital retail:


The future of digital is brighter than any green gas on a sunny day. How we look on social media always excites us. Some want to depict their real side. But most of the people preferred to show what they want to, the brighter side of life. A Decade old topic for today is if you would buy fancy clothes, sneakers for an online date that too for your avatar?


Even humans themselves don't know how far they can go, the self-satisfaction and the validation of course. In a world, where everything is virtual, your virtual presence does matter, isn't it? Now companies are prepared in a way or say they’re creating their world in such a way the possibilities are endless. A company named RFOX said, “if the customer is not in a mood to go to a regular store to buy rather than wanting to go to mars and buy the watch, he will be able to do so”. Digital fashion houses are being prepared, and it has already been one of the most talked-about debates around NFTs.  


It might be shocking for you, but brands like Nike have already booked samples for their shoes and articles in the virtual world. Big names like LV, Gucci are up with their products for your avatars, now if we’re talking about meetings and meet-ups in the virtual world, for sure next comes your lavish or formal attire according to the event. But merging the two worlds, companies are planning big, while you’re in the meeting you can just order some fries or pizza in the virtual world, and it’ll be at your place in the meantime you finish your meeting.


NFTs will be the key element in the virtual world, NFTs will be used for shopping purposes by brands or as an access pass of any event or early access to any launch.


Metaverse is claiming to be there for its users. Having anything and everything to uplift your digital life experience. You can own real estate, which might not look that fascinating, portable but it would be very large and may make all your fantasies of being in the sky true. Metaverse thus holds a very wide future. Both in enhancing our shopping experience and a simpler life. 


You will be able to have a virtual meeting at the office and then can enjoy coffee or lunch with your long-lost friend in just the next few hours. As unbearable as it sounds, the future is more exciting than we ever thought of.


To make this future possible, WoWExp is putting its best foot forward. To be India's first metaverse company that helps both national, as well as international brands, start building their metaverse world. 


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