Decorating a space can be tedious, especially when you don�t have a team of professional designers on tow. Making changes around the house is not as easy as we see on home renovation shows, sometimes we have to make do with a tight budget, spend time selecting the perfect item for the home while keeping everyone happy. Fortunately, we live in a technological world where the solution is right at our fingertips.

What are AR Home D�cor Apps?

Imagine if you can see how a lounge chair will look in your living room? Or freshly applied paint on the bedroom wall? How about a new set of bar stools for your kitchen island? With AR home d�cor apps, these scenarios are only a click away on your smartphone. Augmented Reality apps simulate the real-world on the screen, this technology allows the superimposition of images in 3-D or projects an image onto physical space typically through the smartphone camera.

AR home d�cor apps assist the user to interact with an item greatly; they can examine the furniture in 3-D, observe the texture of a rug or curtain, make an item smaller or larger according to their space, check how the item will look inside their home in real-time before deciding to purchase.

What features of AR home d�cor apps provide?

  • Create Floor Planning - Apps like magicplan let users can scan a room through a phone camera and it creates a floor plan with the correct measurement of the room.
  • Selection of paints - Dulux Visualiser app helps you choose wall paints from the selection of swatches available in the app and lets the user pick any colour from anywhere.
  • Stage a space - These features let you select and try on accessories, furniture, and a household item that fits your space the best. IKEA palace app is one such example where users can choose from a wide range and try on furniture before purchase.
  • Decorate - Virtually decorate your space using AR and real-time measurement to fit the room.

Effective and Economical

Home Renovation take up much time and energy. With AR/VR technologies in hand, you get a visual stimulation of the real world without wasting your time, energy, and resources; for example, you can select multiple items for decoration and place them virtually in your home before deciding to purchase.

AR/VR apps are increasingly becoming popular in Real estate business. Architects and interior designers because it allow room for customization without wasting any time or resources. In the realty business, it helps realtors meet the exact requirement of the customer and observe the property remotely before physically visiting the space. Architects and construction business can demonstrate their design to customers virtually before making the physical modification. The virtual try-on feature that AR technology provides, help interior decorators understand the specific requirement of their customer.

Customers can collaborate in the decision-making process like deciding the colour of the wall, the texture of the fabric, or choosing the perfect accessory and all this without meeting in person. This cuts down the cost of raw materials, improves communication between business and customers, help customers interact with the product in detail before purchase, and extremely efficient.

Visualise your space better with AR

Have you ever bought a set of chairs only to find out it is not the perfect fit as you thought it would be or ordered the wrong size rug for the living room? Well, you are certainly not alone. Visualisation is the key while decorating a home but often we do not know what is best suited for a space and how we can utilize the space better.

AR home d�cor apps assist you to understand this; by pointing the phone camera, you can select the product and place it into your space on-screen. The products can be easily fit into the space using real-time measurement scale. It helps you understand what kind of furniture, colour, and accessories would look best in your room.

Unleash the interior designer in you

Being in charge of decorating a house can be intimidating yet fun! Interior designers are solely responsible for bringing life to any space possible. We are often too scared to take it upon ourselves to do the decoration in fear of messing up or doing a mediocre job, but as the social mediascape is broadening, so is the trend of DIY. People are more inclined to repurpose old stuff, decorate their own space, and build their own stuff.

Over the years we have seen many games like Sims, Minecraft, and most recently Animal Crossing where players get to build or design their own virtual space Animal crossing is one of the most played video games of 2020. AR home d�cor apps are just like games. It presents a fun unique opportunity to the users where they can interact with their home like never before, they get to pick and choose colours for the walls, choose furniture, accents, lights, and everything we can imagine.

A Creative Business Solution

So far, we have covered, how AR home d�cor apps are fun for the customer but what does have in store for businesses? An AR home d�cor application is beneficial for Interior designers, Real estate agencies, Architects, and the construction industry.

For Interior Designers

Interior designers can use AR apps to understand the layout of a space and use that knowledge to creatively design. It can be used to select a theme for the room, examine the texture of materials to be used, etc. They can use AR apps to create multiple options and decorate the space virtually for the client. Apps like WoW Decor are designed to assist d�cor companies to help their users make an informed choice.

For Architects

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology helps architects to incorporate remarkable designs into their projects. It allows them to construct an experience for the clients and collaborate with them. It makes alterations easy and Architects can construct the entire project on AR before starting the construction.

For Real Estate business

In real estate business, a beautifully decorated space sells much faster. With AR home d�cor apps real estate businesses can stage spaces that are Intune with the likes of the buyer. The relators can show properties virtually before visiting the property physically and guide them to the best option possible.

Concluding thoughts

AR/VR technology is not a far-flung idea anymore, it is also getting more precise and sophisticated every day. This technology is very much a part of our decision-making process, continuously helping us to make choices- be it the next clothes inside our wardrobe with virtual trial rooms or be it our next wardrobe itself!