How Metaverse will change the way we work


The buzzwords come and go in the market as per the technology strides, such as AR, VR, crypto, blockchain, etc. The current buzzword is Metverse, several interviews and debates are a daily thing on international stages on metaverse.


As metaverse promises to bring us a virtual world, it will have its own economy. Virtual and cryptocurrency will be the main transactional method across both the metaverse and the real world. After the pandemic online meetings, classes and shopping have become the new standard. The metaverse will accelerate it more, people will soon be more comfortable doing everything from their home be it work, meeting or shopping. It touches on more possibilities, if the article is not in stock in stores, no problem you can still try it on your avatar and have all the information you need.  


Summing it in a few words, the metaverse is simply entering inside our 2d internet screen. 


Hate it or love it, we all will agree on a point that people are moving away from physical contact with each other. Through the internet, we have accomplished doing everything from our comfort place which earlier required stepping out. We’re in a position where the whole society will collapse if the internet gets shut down for a single day. We’ve witnessed it multiple times.


The metaverse will be a multiverse in a few years and with upcoming years it will get denser, but surely all of it will be linked. You’ve been able to move in different spaces, saying it in easy words “you will move to a different planet in the space you want to be in”. Sounds exciting right? More exciting will be being in it.


Though, to give you a brief regarding how metaverse can change the world and the way we work, speed, own materials in the future, we have shortlisted a few sectors:


  • Own a digital real estate


We buy a domain, to establish ourselves and claim that digital space is ours. People bought tons of domains, first to claim it as their own, to have a digital space, and secondly to sell it at a better price. Both are working great for them. 


The metaverse in the future world is more than just taking or owning a website, domain name. It's about actually owning a space, a real estate in the upcoming virtual world. Many people have already made that big of future investment into the virtual world, and some are in the process to do so. It's basically like investing in land that would be in a metro city in the future, the case differs just with a matter of where are you buying that real estate now. This is how metaverse is changing the definition of future investment.


People can buy land in the virtual world, only to rent it or sell it at 10x of their actual price. 


  • E-commerce with a blend of traditional shopping:


The physical shopping experience to just go out, feel the air and buy whatever you want to is inseparable. But covid–19 changed the definition of an unchangeable marketplace. E-commerce business is everything. Your physical establishment means nothing if you don't have an online presence. 


Every business is settled up online. From clothes to medicines, everything is at your doorstep with a few clicks. 


This definition of this eCommerce business is modifying itself each day. And the metaverse world has tons of opportunities for uplifting your e-commerce business in every possible way. 


Business owners don't just have to have a website to sell their products. They can give the pleasure of both physical shops and the relaxation of online shopping. Even the e-commerce business will have a graphically designed look of their stores, which can be the same or completely different from their original shop. This is how the world will be, shortly. Having the


  • Cryptocurrency- new form to have things?


Well, if you're in a virtual world it would be pretty hard to buy things for your avatars, virtual stores, and everything else with a dollar, or a nite. You need to have something, which values equally or even more in that virtual world. 


Cryptocurrency is something that will be the future of the world of currency in the upcoming time. One can have things, buy, sell with cryptocurrency. It's no mode of transaction, so you won't ever lose any kind of money during the transaction.


With the different geography of multiple places, there will be different cryptocurrencies for each of them. As the value of currency differs in various countries, the same will be with cryptocurrency with various stages of population and development. 


Each metaverse will have its specific cryptocurrency, and by this means the process and the means of buying things, would change. People are already there, being early above all in the race of investing and owning cryptocurrency. 


  • Attend concerts and events in real time-space:


Who would have thought that you could attend your favorite star’s live performance sitting in another part of the globe? Well, the metaverse turned such an impossible dream into reality. 


Artists like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, and even marshmallows have performed in the metaverse and the results, attendees were surprisingly more than enough. In the metaverse world, when you want to represent yourself, the sky isn't even the limit, you can make your avatar look anything. From being a large fashionable avatar to doing crazy stuff like roaming around up in the sky and everything. 


With the upgrading technology every day, you will be able to have and feel real-life music, concerts soon. Advanced virtual reality headsets of 9.2 surround or even better will be manufactured. It will just not be about listening to or enjoying music. Soon, there'll be a time when you can move your avatar, dance, and perform sling your favorite creator. 


And these are just a handful from the box of mystery, the more it will take form the better it will be discovered.


Covid-19, one of the biggest pandemics taught us the value of real-life bonds, from catching up and maintaining sanity with video calls, the thirst has only evolved. People want to be there for their loved ones, without disturbing their work life. Metaverse is the next step, where all the crazy imagination will take place, and soon we'll be able to have it in real life. 


India is a vast country, full of diversity. People with different preferences must be having various expectations from the world of the metaverse. WoWExp promises to be India's first and foremost metaverse company, awaiting to change lives through magnificent technology. 


Let's make your business more approachable, let you tick off your travel list with the metaverse future. 


What do you think will be in 2030? Or let’s say in the next 5 years?

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