Every brand demands customerļæ½s attention! Thus, advertisements came into the picture. Customers are bombarded with various ads in various forms in this digital era to generate eyeballs. In the last decade, this industry has witnessed a tremendous shift. Advertisements have largely migrated from television screen to mobile screen in order to change the flow of message from being massy to more personal and interactive for the audience.

Artificial Intelligence has positively taken hold on the advertisement business, presenting innovative marketing solutions to brands. With the help of Artificial Intelligence brands are constantly processing data every minute to advertise the right product to their customer.

AR creates a detailed 3-D image of the product and presents an up-close personal experience for the consumer. AR/VR advertising is focused on understanding the need of the customer, it allows businesses to create an emotional connection with the brand and offers innovative business solutions.

What is AR advertising?

Augmented reality is a fast-growing trend in the marketing industry. With merely the help of a smartphone device, it takes the customer on a unique immersive journey using 3D overlay where they can assess the product in great detail from the comfort of their home. With AR, brands can elevate customer experience and engagement which leads to increased business opportunities and sales. Various Augmented reality advertising companies like Wowexp are dedicated to creating a seamless blend of real and virtual worlds for brands and businesses alike.

Some of the most commonly used AR features in advertising include-

  • Projection-based augmented reality:
    With projection-based augmented reality, digital images are displayed in physical space. It offers a 3-D imposition of the image and allows us to see the image in depth.

  • Superimposition-based AR:
    This allows us to superimpose an image over another image. For example: grooming a 3D avatar, placing glasses on your image, placing furniture in your room, etc.

  • Recognition based AR:
    With this, we can scan an image with our smartphone and it will come alive. Many print advertisements have QR coded images that comes alive when you see them on your mobile screen.