Augmented Reality In Furniture Industry

With technological advancement in the recent year, Augmented Reality has transformed the entire online shopping experience, and how it engages the consumers.

AR is gaining popularity in various verticals, especially in the decor sector, in fact, furniture is one of the main products where customers want to use AR to make more precise and pre-informed decisions before buying. AR allows you not only to see the furniture in your real space but also allows shoppers to virtually place realistically rendered 3D models based on room dimensions. Customers can check their furniture, its color, size, style without being physically present in the store.


Furniture giants have been quickly adapting to this new technology that allows shoppers to get an immersive experience while online shopping. Incorporating Augmented Reality campaigns into your online storefront definitely is a good way to increase customer engagement.

While buying anything online it is very difficult to visualize what the object looks like in real life. Embracing the advanced technology of AR  can help bring the in-store experience to online shopping. It becomes much easier to create graphical representations of the products making it much more interactive for customers where they can view the object from an angle and most importantly they can visualize the object in their real space even before buying it. This gives customers a greater understanding of the features and functionality of the product. The more customers can interact with digital furniture, the more informed and confident they are in their decision to purchase it in real life, too helping the brand to grow and leave its mark on people’s minds.