How AR is helping Architects and Interior designers?

Technology has changed major sectors over the past 20 years, including media, retail, Healthcare, Real Estate and many more. With the help of Augmented Reality now it is easier to visualize the world around you. AR gives an immersive experience of any products in your real environment.

In Architecture and Interior Designing Augmented Reality provides the architect with the ability to digitally interact with their projects past the computer screen by merging a digital model over a physical space. With the help of AR one can make a 3D version of a particular model and can place it in his/her real environment. Pre- AR era, it was difficult for an architect to visualize and get a plan from paper into real world coordinates. What makes AR a valuable asset in the field of architecture is its ability to create a 3D model from the ground, by using a simple blueprint of the building. It can create a realistic simulation of how the structure will look in real life, but also more than this. AR can bring the construction site up to life. This will offer both the construction team and the architect a better idea of how workers and equipment will fit into the whole situation, to ensure proper safety levels as well.

According to architects and contractors, technologies like augmented reality will help them reduce costly mistakes and have an easier time working on their projects.

Similarly, AR is becoming a wildly popular tool amongst interior designers where they can provide an immersive experience to their clients. They will have more to say in terms of furniture, accessories, colors, etc. used to create the final design of their properties. They allow designers to completely transform spaces right under their client’s eyes thus avoiding costly mistakes and misunderstandings.