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When the 1990s internet revolution started, it was difficult for people to believe how work will be simplified through the internet in the upcoming years. Today, the world is far ahead from 1990 and again talking about the next generation of the internet 'a virtual 3d space'.history repeats itself indeed. 


A few are against or say calling it bogus, but we all know the metaverse is ‘inevitable’. And the surety becomes stronger when the world's top tech companies step ahead from the talking phase and start investing money and start working on the concept already.


Indeed, it is nowhere completely yet, but we can’t deny its existence in parts around us. As the pandemic started we all shifted towards online shopping on a large scale and shopping with the use of AR and VR become mainstream. Virtual try-on of any costumes without actually visiting the stores sitting at your couch does not only save time but also gives you a clearer view and vast options with all details through AI. What Metaverse promises is we'll be at more ease in the future and carry out meetings, virtual concerts, and movies on a better scale.


A new word has come into talks as we’re advancing with this metaverse “interoperability”. Now, metaverse doesn’t mean only one space we all will be in, there will be several platforms from several companies. If you own some objects on one platform, it will not be like you have to spend more money on your avatar for another platform. The word ‘interoperability’ means that users will be able to use their liabilities, objects, and characters from one metaverse to another.


Recently, the greatest initiative from Epic games, the founder of Fortnite, was the concerts of Travis Scott and later Ariana Grand. This not only was a step forward to the metaverse but also convinced players of a more realistic world around them in the future. No doubt, this pandemic has been the biggest test not only for the corporate world but also for the educational authorities, shifting everything on a remote platform in no time. The world saw offices, classes, meetings, shows shifting from physical to online mode, Roblox is also planning to bring up the concept of the educational platform in the metaverse


Now, other than Facebook which owns Oculus, companies like Alibaba’s Ali metaverse, Epic games’ video games, and tik-tok have shown interest and possibilities in it. Next mentioned is the 7 distinct layers on which the digital space will rely.


  • Infrastructure- High-speed internets like 5G, cloud, Wi-fi, and hi-tech material such as GPUs.
  • Decentralization- AI, edge computing, machine learning, blockchains.
  • Spatial computing- Modeling framework and 3d visualization.
  • Human interface- AR glasses, VR headsets, haptics, and similar interface technologies.
  • Economy- An assortment of digital assets, design tools, and e-commerce establishments.
  • Experience- VR evaluations of digital platforms for work, shopping, gaming, events, and others.


Let’s hit the big names that are in the race of the metaverse and have planned platforms for the future universe:-


Microsoft mesh:

Microsoft has always been one of the biggest names in the world of technology. Be it about work, excluding work, managing work in documents, sheets, Microsoft has got it all. Now, Microsoft has recently launched and is establishing mesh. Though, it's going to be a mixture of both virtual as well as augmented reality. It is usually used in teams. It's going to be one of the momentums in HoloLens2. 


It is said to be a well-defined virtual workplace for anyone and everyone. People can have custom avatars, freshers can have a look at their work through virtual buildings. To gear up their enthusiasm towards work. This will not only make the working experience efficient but also approachable regarding problems. 


Ali metaverse of Alibaba:

It is one of the Chinese giants. Though it is at a real early stage, the possibilities it holds for the future are miraculously incomparable. Being in the technology rush, the raccoon has already applied some of the metaverses-related trademarks and only going forward to upskill. 


Ali metaverse is one of the first initiates of many. Dingding metaverse, Taobao also happened to be a part of this. 


Metaverse of facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg, who happened to introduce the word, “meta” with common men like us, is one of the biggest investors of the virtual universe. The future he sees, and imagines is full of virtual high-tech possibilities. He's been planning to launch the metaverse of Facebook for a long time. And this dream will be a reality soon in the coming time. 


The moment he introduced “Meta” along with his company facebook, the talks cannot be silent. Most of the iconic social media places are owned under meta by MARK. The reason is, a 3d world, full of virtual, augmented reality is the ultimate future. It is said to be the next big place to be socially connected with everyone, and in regards to the same, the plan is to create a virtual world as soon as possible. Will Mark be the owner of it?


The investments are down the line, the vision is there, the technology is upgrading and as the stats say, in 2020 in R&D, there was a total of 18.5 billion dollar investment. For the up-gradation, and being fully prepared, 30% of facebook's total revenue will also be used. 


HoloLens 2

Hololens is one of the first Microsoft partners in Spain to customize an overall solution with hololens2. It is applicable in all types of industries. Be it energy, construction, e-commerce, medicines, smart buildings, etc. 


It has also happened to initiate some huge projects like guided biopsies with augmented reality. It could be inspiring to have such brilliant competitions in the world of metaverse to provide the best to the consumers. One of the biggest revolutions at hololens2 is to create an app that would help the healthcare sector in so many ways!


These apps will allow you to watch through the patient's scanner graphically. One can get to the conclusion either to allow the patient for the biopsy process or not. If this metaverse technology can help the healthcare sector in any way. Then, it's a win-win for us


Epic games metaverse:

You must have heard of the most popular metaverse example, Fortnite. Epic games are one of the biggest investment companies in the metaverse, the amount is around $1 Billion, out of which $200 million is Sony's shares. The co-founder of this game company Tim Sweeney always dreamt of this digital universe. Whereas, their vision is quite different from Mark’s metaverse; he wants his players to interact and wants the space to be free of ads and restrictions.


WoWExp Technologies

In amidst the big giants like Meta, there are various startups budding up in the space of Metaverse. One such ever-growing startup is “WoWExp Technologies”, which builds interactive & immersive products with emerging technologies like AR, VR & MR for making a mindboggling impact on society as well as businesses.


The company is currently working on building a metaverse city wherein people can collaborate and interact via avatars. From attending their classes in a “Metaverse Campus” to dancing in a club for an event or a concert, everything will be held in the WoWExp City (WEC).


Since metaverse is the next big game in the future of technology, it somehow beholds a new future for the new generation. And WoWExp being one of the first metaverse companies is looking forward to creating a better, more advanced, and secured platform for the nation of India. 


Wrapping it up…

Although it was quite scary at first, working remotely opened new opportunities for growth, success, and collaboration. The future of the internet is much more convenient, efficient, and streamlined for employees and people in every possible way. This virtual space allows us to interact economically and socially through our avatars in cyberspace, breaking its physical and economic barriers. A trial in a virtual world before launching it in the physical market will evaluate all possible failures and improvements.

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