Best Automation Testing Tools in 2022

Testers execute a range of different automated tests while software is being developed. While UI tests primarily focus on confirming the different functional components of the software UI, unit tests are the foundation of code-based tests. Test automation tools can be used to develop and execute automated tests, ensuring that testers have access to the results at the appropriate stage of the build or sprint process.

In order to write test scripts using certain automation testing technologies, you may need to know how to code. By not requiring any coding, some solutions try to make testing easy for testers. With hybrid tools, testers have the choice to create tailored tests using the most appropriate approaches.


Best Automation Testing Tools For 2022


Selenium is an open-source testing platform that has existed for almost 20 years and has a wide range of features. It is the automation testing tool of choice for millions of businesses worldwide. Selenium has developed through time, becoming more functional and capable as a result of keeping up with the progress of web development since its debut. Since it is script-based and adaptable to many settings, this free solution gives engineers fine-grained control over the writing and running of test scripts.

Selenium has the benefit of supporting a wide variety of programming languages, systems, and browsers in addition to being free and open-source. The tests can be created by testers using the programming language of their choice. Additionally, Selenium enables mobile testing on the iOS and Android operating systems. It contains a vast library of add-ons, plugins, and extensions. There is no help offered because it is a free solution, however there is a vast user base of people who may have had the same problems and questions. Companies across various sectors have adopted Selenium to assist a range of initiatives like Continuous Delivery, Agile, and DevOps.



With the aid of simple English language commands, testers may build complicated tests in an end-to-end style using TestRigor, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. The AI also significantly speeds up test execution, in addition to quick test design. The CI/CD processes are seamlessly integrated with this. There is no need to write a single line of code in order to develop extremely complicated automated tests.

Ultra-stable tests are possible thanks to the platform's ability to automatically analyse all test settings and make the required recommendations and changes. Tests generated using TestRigor require a lot less upkeep than tests created with other well-known platforms. Additionally, each test phase automatically generates screenshots to aid in subsequent debugging.

This hosted testing platform can be utilized for desktop, mobile, online, and API testing and includes a wide range of integrations. The platform makes it simple to create and run tests quickly, and it scales well. With support for more than 2,000 client-browser combinations, TestRigor provides cross-platform and cross-browser capabilities.



It is an open-source tool that supports quick test creation for platforms like API, mobile, and web. It may also be installed locally utilising a Linux environment, which is a capability that is missing from the majority of rival solutions.

With the help of this platform, testers may create very particular test environments and run parallel tests across many operating systems, browsers, and devices. For teams using Agile methodologies and continuous delivery, this is a great solution.

Additionally, the platform's capability can be increased with the aid of a number of vital connections like Jira, BrowserStack, Slack, and Jenkins.

Additionally, Testsigma makes use of AI to improve test maintenance and offers sophisticated test management and version control tools.



Popular test automation tool Katalon is renowned for being simple to use and inexpensive. Both a simple free version and a pro version with many features are available. The Selenium open-source tool forms the foundation of Katalon's engine, therefore some of its upkeep and dependability problems are passed on to Katalon.

With the aid of functions like debugging, automatic indentation, and code recommendations, test writing is incredibly simple. The abundance of pre-installed templates is a special advantage that can make it simple and quick for teams to get started. API testing is possible without requiring any further integration.

It uses a dual scripting system for increased flexibility and has a large selection of integrations. It can be applied to testing for desktop, online, mobile, and APIs. With its user-friendly GUI and excellent reporting and analytics, Katalon stands out. Regarding this, it is not flexible enough in terms of scripting languages.



The cloud-based test automation platform TestComplete is feature-rich and strong. Its user-friendly features and methodology make creating and running tests simple for users of all skill and experience levels. The platform is very flexible, including techniques for creating tests that range from straightforward (test step recording and playback) to intricate.

Python and JavaScript are only two of the many programming languages that TestComplete supports. It has connectors with a number of CI/CD technologies and can be used to build robust end-to-end tests. The TestComplete object identification system has recently benefited from the usage of AI, but choosing backup selections by hand to identify each element can be tedious and less intuitive than using big data.