Augmented Reality has really come of age over the last few years. But it is not just about those special animated Snapchat filters on your smartphone, as fun as they might be.

So What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the rendering of digital images or data onto real-world objects. It is a technology that enhances or augments your experience of the world around you by using the real world information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and other virtual enhancements.

Information is attached to the user�s physical position as well as context of the task thereby helping the user to solve the problem and complete the task. It helps us to experience the physical objects present in the environment over the interactive digital medium.

AR usefulness

Considering its progress so far, future applications of AR are likely to only be limited by our collective imagination.The scope of Augmented Reality is such big where it can be applied from numerous business applications to day to day life activities.

Brings products to life

AR allows us to pull the idea out of the screen and drop it into the real world at full scale. We're then able to walk around it, or walk within it, and get a far better feel for form, proportion and relationship to the environment.

Brings people even Closer

You may think how Far? Yes the Virtual Collaboration tools have been around for years, but what�s beyond that? AR offers us another means to sharing in real time. We have the ability to pull in a broad range of stakeholders with AR in hand to review in progress, virtual assets in a more natural way than ever before.

Shops with you

Shoppers have long been using their smartphones to compare prices and get information on products in store for many years but by integrating AR are taking this to the next level as it literally make you choose the right fit for you.

The MoneySaver

You would be wondering now! But yes, AR will be your pocket stitcher as we able to prevent loss before a wrong product is being produced. We could stick our head inside the model and see all internal details in fully assembled state.

The Entertainer

AR games and apps are very much popular among people these days. AR Apps and Games are taking the gaming experience of players to a whole new level by giving them something which can�t be experienced in the traditional gaming world. AR gaming works by integrating the game�s visual and audio content with the user�s environment in real-time.

Beyond the screen

The greatest impact of AR is the capability to revolutionize the way that people physically interact with augmented reality in their lives.

The value of AR app experience has already landed in product creation and development and WoWExp ensures this in every way the businesses are benefited out of this ever contributing technology.