The WoW Decor App helps you break through the Interior Designing Mundane to make way for the extra-ordinary.

Modernization is an international avant-garde movement that emerged at the end of the century nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and spread to almost all the arts including architecture and design. We have spent the past few months researching and analyzing the future of augmented reality in technology in the home decor industry. We observed that consumers were having a hard time articulating their intentions in �Choosing, Living, and Making it happen�.

First, let me give you a short summary on the importance of Augmented Reality and 3D Modelling in Decor Industry:

Imagine yourself finally purchasing your dream home and now you wish to design it as you have been dreaming for years together. There is a lot of creativity inside there�.But Wait!!!!! The design studio opens a catalog and shows you overwhelming creativity�.Woooshhh!!!

Prior to implementing augment, the interior designers in the studio work with customers by selecting furniture from catalogs and creating room layouts, but they face the challenge of helping their clients visualize what their space would look like before they purchase the furniture. Using augmented reality, customers can utilize their imagination in an innovative way. Creating an �endless aisle,� Augment lets us show clients any furniture option, regardless if it�s physically there or not. Augmented reality overlays the digital on the physical, as opposed to virtual reality, which creates entirely new worlds.

Easy, Inexpensive way of interior innovation using WoW Decor app

At WoWExp, we're constantly thinking about an amalgamation of augmented reality with decor. With all of the tech we bring in, we want it to still look like a stylish and relaxing space -- not one overrun by machines. Stop moving around the new sofa trying to figure out where it fits. Forget about trying to judge a paint color from tiny samples against the wall. The WoW Decor is a decor app that lets consumers virtually try out products and visualize how they would look incorporated into the consumer's personal space. This offers a simulation element to the shopping experience as consumers can test out different products and see how they fit in their home, without having to set foot in-store.

We are helping consumers embrace new technology: More apps and online tools are using augmented reality and virtual reality technology, which expects to become even more widespread. That means no more buying extra paint for samples or paying return fees on a chair that turns out to be too big for the room. The WoW Decor app is in its earliest stage, and that the "Sky is the limit!� because the technology is evolving.