8 Best Virtual Worlds in The Metaverse World

While most of us may have been considering virtual reality for some time, others are only now becoming aware of a revolutionary change in how people interact with one another. Of course, the announcement by social media giant Facebook that it will change its name to Meta didn't harm a movement that has been in the works for years. Instead, it seems to have inspired individuals to take action.

Here are the top 8 virtual worlds for you to check out:


Decentraland describes itself as an Ethereum-powered virtual reality platform that enables users to produce, consume, and make money from content and applications. On the Decentraland ecosystem, MANA serves as the native coin for all transactions.

Users buy plots of land in this virtual environment that they can later explore, develop, and monetize. Users have developed a wide range of activities on their LAND parcels since they opened to the public in February 2020, including interactive games, expansive 3D scenes, and several other interactive experiences. Enter Decentraland and create an avatar for yourself.

Somnium Space

The blockchain-powered open-source communal virtual reality environment known as Somnium Space was created solely by its users and allows them to purchase virtual land on which to construct VR residences and other structures.

Early in 2020, Somnium 2.0 was released, bringing the project one step closer to a genuine Ready Player One virtual experience. Somnium 2.0 hosts all of its players in a single enormous environment, in contrast to other multiplayer VR games, which divide players into sub servers and mirrored instanced rooms. Players can purchase virtual land and then use it to erect anything they wish. The opportunities are essentially limitless, as are the benefits for smart users.


Cryptovoxels is among the simplest blockchain virtual worlds to start using and to develop in. If you wish to explore, all you need to do is click on a URL; no special software or equipment is necessary. In addition, it's not necessary to own land to visit and take pleasure in Cryptovoxels. Each land parcel is an NFT, which means it is distinct and cannot be copied or duplicated, just like actual physical land in real life, therefore buyers should be aware of this before making a purchase. Every property token in Cryptovoxels has unique coordinates that correspond to a particular spot on the Cryptovoxels map. Their worth is often determined by proximity to busy areas, building height, and closeness to the centre. In Cryptovoxels, land can also be rented.

The Sandbox

On the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain systems, The Sandbox is a virtual environment where users may create, own, and make money from their game experiences. The SAND coin, which is native to the ecosystem, is used to purchase assets and reward users.

Users can produce their own game assets with VoxEdit, which they can then import into GameMaker to produce games, experiences, or events. Additionally, users have the option of selling their works to other players via the official The Sandbox Marketplace. The Sandbox mixes social and gaming components while giving non-technical users simple tools to produce excellent content. Greetings from The Sandbox!

WowExp - Metaverse in India

WowMeet is a metaverse setting created by WowExp which is the first metaverse platform in India. WoWMeet is a groundbreaking platform for comprehensive team collaboration that brings groups of people together to learn, share, organise, and create.


We revolutionise teamwork by utilising the most advanced 3D graphics, virtual reality, and cloud computing technologies. You can experience a real-life environment in your own city. You can go shopping or attend events that are located in your city.

Doesn’t it sound fun? Trust me it’s much more than that. Check out WowMeet now!!!


NFT Worlds

On the Ethereum blockchain, there are 10,000 virtual worlds collectively known as NFT Worlds. Every world is an infinite cosmos that can be created into whatever the user can think of. Each land plot, which is a miniature metaverse created on top of Minecraft, can be customised by users in any way they see suitable. Visitors are allowed to discover the distinct qualities that each one has to offer. With the ability to completely alter their surroundings, NFT owners have seemingly limitless options.

Even new game modes can be made by them. For instance, the community has produced first-person shooters, tower defence games, and role-playing titles. Each of those uses play-to-earn mechanics fueled by NFT Worlds to earn WRLD or other incentives.


A 3D virtual environment in early development called Substrata operates a little bit differently from the other platforms on the list. It doesn't run strictly on an NFT basis, to be specific. However, a player's whole collection of parcels can be minted as Ethereum NFTs.

Users can look about a shared environment, communicate, play, create, and buy a private area or piece of land to personalise. You must set up the platform-specific, free client software before you can begin exploring Substrata (Windows, Mac, or Linux). It's interesting to note that the Substrata team is presently striving to incorporate the Cryptovoxels universe onto the platform.


The goal of the NetVRK project is to provide a special VR ecosystem that enables the creation of an infinite number of virtual worlds without the need for complex technological expertise and that will reward users for their involvement. To put it more precisely, NetVRK is a metaverse platform with strong infrastructure and creation tools for sharing, interacting with, and making money from creations.

With a focus on digital workplaces built around the ownership of virtual land and assets, education, and gaming. The fundamental objective of NetVRK is to build a special ecosystem based on blockchain technology that allows for the development, exploration, and modification of VR to the degree of every user, both for personal use and for use in the workplace.


Metaverses can never exist in a single virtual environment. We are referring to the metaverse when we discuss how various virtual worlds are connected, if not all at once. The internet, blockchain, and other modern technologies are only a small part of the metaverse. It is a virtual environment where anyone can communicate with others and exchange information and values without restriction.

In essence, you might consider it a digital representation of the world as it is right now. There are continents, nations, towns, cities, and geographical regions. Despite being autonomous, each makes a contribution to the overall picture. Users can even go farther by investing in land plots, creating experiences for other gamers, and earning money from those experiences.