Bring your dream house to life!

Everyone wants a dream home and they want it to be perfect. With Wowexp Augmented reality, now you can have a 360-degree virtual tour and a AR walkthrough of your house. With our AR app, you can now experience it before investing. Tour the property from any location without having to do a physical site visit for decision making.

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Roam in your future house from anywhere in the World

Walkthrough your dream house regardless of your location and get the experience of the real surroundings sitting at the comfort of your own house. Augmented Reality in real estate allows you to walk through your property that has not been physically built. No matter where you are, now you can walk through your dream house with our advanced Augmented Reality technology.

Want to get a house walkthrough?

We make impossible possible for you! Curious how?

Our accurate 3D modelling system lets you visualise and interact with the actual 3D model of the property, how fun is that huh!! We offer the highest quality 3d models for you to inspect the property which is physically impossible for you to do! But thanks to us ;)

Want to interact with 3D properties?

The keys to your home - 360o View

WoW Real-Estate provides you 360-degree navigation that will help you make informed decisions before investing. Now with Wow-real estate, you can enjoy the 360-degree virtual tour of your dream house anytime, anywhere with the help of your smartphone.

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