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WoWExp - India’s First Metaverse Company

Building Social and Enterprise Metaverse for the Eight Billion Global Population.

Metaverse is a Renaissance for Digital Experience

By 2030

Total Market Size

$8 Tn to $13 Tn

Metaverse Mobile/Web Users

5 Billion

Metaverse VR Headset Users

1 Billion


Discover Something New - A Social Metaverse

We Replicate real-life city experiences. A Virtual City where the users can have a walkthrough experience, interact with retail businesses, buy and sell products, attend virtual events and hang out with friends and family.

VR Headset Games
VR Headset Games


Meetings, Reinvented - Transforming Boring 2D Meetings

Virtual Meeting Rooms where users can attend meetings from remote locations. The space facilitates whiteboard presentation, multiplayer engagement, file sharing, etc.


Metaverse As a Solution (MAAS)

Unlock the Metaverse with WoWExp's all-in-one solutions, which will allow your company to engage in this terrain now and in the future. Our Metaverse Solutions include everything from enhancing digital experiences with AR/VR Services to producing digital products (NFTs) with Blockchain Technology. We have all the tools you need to help you develop your metaverse.

VR Headset Games


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