Incorporated in 2019, WoWExp is one of India’s pioneering companies engaged in the booming metaverse space, providing AR/VR infrastructure across offerings an endless customization opportunities

A. WoWMeet – Licensable products targeting virtual office meetings, events, conferences, employee onboarding, and virtual dating, among others (Did we mention AI Avatars for your business?)
B. WoWCity - Virtual city with walkthrough experience, interaction with retailers, attending virtual events, etc. WoWCity which enables businesses to engage with customers in an immersive virtual environment, and users to explore and enjoy a city from the comfort of their homes
C. Customized Immersive Solutions – Catering to various industries like Fashion, Real Estate, Advertising, F&B, Education, Tourism etc.



About the work

We are building an immersive virtual world, with human-like interactions, which will improve the productivity and engagement of users.

This will help e-commerce companies, learning institutes, corporates and entertainment industry to retain and engage a much wider audience.

WoW Meet

3D Immersive Meeting

Virtual Meeting Rooms where users can attend meetings from remote locations. The space facilitates whiteboard presentation, multiplayer engagement, file sharing etc

WoW City

A Virtual City where the users are able to have a walkthrough experience, interact with retail businesses, buy and sell products, attend virtual events and hang out with friends and family. Replicating a real-life city experience

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