WoW Real Estate



WoW Real Estate

Release Date August 2020
Category Real Estate
Client Online Market
Developed By WoWExp Technologies


- Design your place before even laying a brick.

- Helps to show the full place.

- Be sure before you purchase a house, flat, office.

- Useful for people moving from different places.

- Easy to decide when we see the full picture.

- Move around the place in the world of Augmented Reality.

- Build a virtual place according to your needs and alter if there is something that you want to change beforehand.

- Helps save time and effort.

- Reduces the duration of sales cycle.

- Helps in improving revenues.

- Customers are happy to see the place before they purchase and helps build their trust and confidence in the company.

- Remodeling is easy and hence helps to use the resources better and gives better customer satisfaction.

- Any type of building or structure along with interiors can be visualized with the help of the application.


- Scan any surface.

- Visualize the 3D models of your favorites.

- Superior technological display on every detail on the attire.

- Watch and share with anyone.