WoW Closet



WoW Closet

Release Date October 2019
Category Retail AR
Client Online Market
Developed By WoWExp Technologies

Create a personal Virtual Avatar to try-on new clothes and figure out what suits your body type the most. It enables you understand the flow of the garment on your body closely.

For an exhilarating shopping experience, we are bringing WoW VR and WoW Closet together which will let you try on new clothes in a realistic shopping environment.

- Saves retailer from damages or solid garments due to several try on.

- Engage customer for longer time which build interest to try out different cloths on a 3D avatar. This has more chance of conversion into sales.

- The view of each product increases and better becomes the brand loyalty.

- The retailers get better customer-engagement growth as customer finds it innovative & easier to try different styles.

- It leads to low product return rate as the customer has already tried.