Car Showroom with Augmented Reality



A basic introduction of Augmented Reality ( AR) and the key concepts of this technology. This explains the future of car showrooms with AR technology. Any of the features of Augmented Reality applications for possible cooperation of the automotive industry will be explored and this paper will include an outline of them. Future paths are being addressed.


Augmented reality is a modern age approach that uses your camera. It's an immersive view about where computer-generated images are juxtaposed to objects you encounter in the physical world. It is a rare and smart combination of real and digital environments that allows users to connect with a 3D model of virtual objects. Such objects are effortlessly interwoven with the actual world so frequently perceived as an immersive part of the natural world.

In this article, we addressed some of the primary automotive industry areas in which AR adoption is proving its value and how WoWExp Technologies is contributing to this.

Changes in Automotive Sector

Augmented reality has taken the automotive industry by storm. Global automakers use this new technology in different ways to make their operations simpler and to enhance various facets of their companies.Augmented reality is moving the car industry into the future. While there is still immense, untapped, opportunity in the field, it has now done so much through various processes in the car manufacturing sector that it is only a matter of time before it becomes market-wide standard. Many automotive manufacturers have invested in AR, so it is not rare for bigger companies to use AR in several market areas from supply chain management so specialized laboratory activities through distribution and after-sales service delivery. Greater realism is moving the car production industry into the future, and it seems like we are only getting a glimpse of what it means for the industry.

Across several various industries and sectors, AR has been used as a method to help educate consumers, in particular concerning technological knowledge. The ability to layer digital details over real-world objects (i.e. cars) and provide consumers with realistic knowledge that they can engage with is much more convincing than is the perception of virtual reality by more conventional channels such as online or video. AR not only increases consumer product quality but also transforms the way the automobile market sector markets vehicles. With consumers beginning their buying path online and with all the necessary details at their fingertips, automotive retail needed to switch from a product-driven to a consumer-driven selling strategy to respond to evolving customer preferences and perceptions.

Now and it’s evolution

Augmented reality is being used to boost dealership activities in a variety of areas. As things go, it is possible that there will not be a need for massive conventional car showrooms. There are AR applications that allow users to view life-size vehicles anywhere, anywhere. WOWExp is one of the successful companies that introduced the 'WoW Car Showroom' app, which can be paired with the traditional dealership experience of car dealership sales staff as well as the engineers team to give consumers first-hand experience with vehicle models that are currently unavailable in the showroom. It has developed an AR application that lets people scan a car to view the entire variety of items in the vehicle. Car shoppers can do it directly from the devices they use in their daily lives. This may be the true strength of AR car sales: bringing showroom experience to customers where they are most comfortable. No showrooms or dealership association will hold each lot of colour and trim level for each vehicle in their inventory. Offering augmented reality content in the store offers a means for potential buyers to display and engage with vehicles in the trim and colour options that concern them, even though the car is not available in the showroom. When they like what they see, the dealer can order the particular model and configuration for the customer.

Future Expectancy

The possibilities of using AR to increase brand engagement and educate potential consumers is not limited to just AR events. Automotive engineers and manufacturers will benefit greatly from improved reality at their assembly plants and R&D facilities, where automotive designs and engineers use augmented reality to perform further simulations quicker. They can operate on a simulated car, remotely build new parts and modify equipment as they wish.

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