Fashion Designing with Augmented Reality



This paper presents a basic introduction of Augmented Reality ( AR) and the key concepts of this technology. This explains the future of fashion design and modeling with AR. Any of the features of Augmented Reality applications for possible cooperation of fashion environments will be explored and this paper will include an outline of them. Future paths are being addressed.


Augmented reality is a modern age approach that uses your camera. It's an immersive view about where computer-generated images are juxtaposed to objects you encounter in the physical world. It is a rare and smart combination of real and digital environments that allows users to connect with a 3D model of virtual objects. Such objects are effortlessly interwoven with the actual world so frequently perceived as an immersive part of the natural world.

Since 2016, the mainstream trend has been for companies to add augmented reality to their marketing plan. As a result, the AR industry is expected to hit global sales of $90 billion by 2020. While I will not define the apparel industry as the early adopters of technology, it seems that technical progress has already managed to take over the $2.4 trillion industry. Promising to revolutionize the whole fashion industry, there is one technology that is on the rise in this field and that is Augmented Reality ( AR). According to Vertebrae, although only 20 % of American consumers have had AR-powered purchasing experience, while AR is the type of technology that can give luxury designers and retailers the ability to customize their customers' experiences, it has been slow to embrace. I assume that is more to do with what is available than just a lack of curiosity. Approximately 67% of shoppers who enter the store's dressing room will become real shoppers. While consumers are heavily dependent on the convenience of internet shopping nowadays, showroom in AR will push to find a way to encourage customers to move into their outlets.

What happens Today:

And now, apparel technology is rising faster than ever before. Through robots that knit and cut clothing, to AI algorithms that forecast design patterns, to AR, technology automates, customizes, and accelerates every aspect of fashion. Use a smart camera app, you can imagine various textiles and 3D items on fabrics with unique markings. This allows you to try clothes that you may not be able to afford or play around with costumes and avatars — like a next-level Snapchat fashion filter. Through all sorts of possibilities, the project hopes to encourage fashionistas to make new fashion gestures, to rework fashion, or to try being somebody or something else. Customers in the store could simply take a seat and enjoy watching the latest designs on live stream. We don't have to wait until this near-future too see the impact of virtual reality in apparel, however. For the breakthrough in AR technology, luxury companies have jumped in to check and acclimate their clients.

While there are many advantages of augmented reality in fashion, the most important advantage it offers is that it allows businesses to operate continuously. For example, in today 's case, the COVID pandemic crippled industries because consumers avoided buying clothing for fear of catching the virus during athletic trials. With augmented reality, showroom outlets can still function as they do. fashion design and modelling that completely reduces the risk of physical interaction and, in effect, require high levels of hygiene and safety to be maintained.

In the case of online shopping too, people faced a similar kind of situation. Scrolling through thousands and thousands of images of garments was a tiresome act. Secondly, users had to second guess how a particular article of clothing would look on them and make a purchase. Through enhanced realism at the heart of the shopping experience, all these problems can be overcome quickly. Fashion Augmented Reality App allows users to digitally check various garments. It lets people create a digital avatar that looks like it. Users are told to upload a selfie.

In 2019, WoWExp Technologies introduced a luxury app for all vertical customers, called WoW Closet, which attracted several online users on Bangalore Street. It focuses mainly on changing the world and its direction of implementing technology regularly. The goal of this company is to give the world a WoW feeling.The WoW Closet app lets showroom stores create more revenue. This software is a device that will help companies dramatically enhance their selling campaigns to achieve higher sales.

Future Expectations:

Augmented reality technology applies from fast fashion to luxury products and enables retailers to enhance their brand value through storytelling. AR is going to change the way fashion is created, visualized and eventually sold. The next year is supposed to see an influx of possibilities that will truly redefine what we understand as fashion nowadays. AR will not leave any business unnoticed. The number of businesses that support it continues to grow. Looking at the fashion world, AR will have an impact on everything from runway shows to shopping and is set to reconnect both physical and digital retail. Eventually, these apps should be as essential to the showrooms as getting a website.

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