Build Your Closet with a Twist


Death of the mannequin?
How can the WoW Closet transform the way we shop?

Augmented Reality these two words look very simple but these words can make a new environment for us. If I define these two words in one line, it’s just simple like our dreams, dreams are fake but it has an illusion of reality within our dream. Augmented Reality is similar to our dreams but in a new way, with the help of technology we create an illusion and we take new experiences.

Augmented Reality in Hindi means 'Sanvardhit Vaastavikata' which also implies Augmented Reality is a technology that combines real-world information with computer-generated images and content and presented on a computer screen and mobile phone browser, giving the user an interactive experience.



Upcoming Trends In Augmented Reality

ARKit and ARCore available to the public augmented reality is now enabled on over 500 million devices. There are over 2,000 AR apps available in the iOS App Store and another 200-plus on Google Play. With few breakout hits, many are wondering what the killer use cases for AR will be. We can examine the growth of the mobile app ecosystem to better understand how mobile AR will evolve.

Augmented Reality for Shopping

It is often said that we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes mistake are not good because you invest your time and money on mistakes money can be earned but time not, basically when we go to shopping we expend time for select clothes and suppose you buy a dress and you go home and wear dress and friends say no its not a good one. so you invest your time invest your money but in the end, the result is zero, so in that type of case Augmented Reality has lots of things like wow closet app you can see your look without going on a shop and you can saw your look before buying a dress.

A BRP report indicated that 48% of consumers said that they'd be more likely to buy from a retailer that provided AR experiences. Unfortunately, only 15% of retailers currently put AR to use. Only a further 32% of retailers stated they plan to deploy virtual or augmented reality applications over the next three years.

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